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Liquids that evaporate quickly
a) volatile
b) nonvolatile
c) fusion
d) fission

The amount of heat required to change from state to another state of matter without changing the temperature
a) latent heat
b) heat capacity
c) specific heat
d) evaporation

When a solid changes into a gas
a) sublimation
b) condensation
c) deposition
d) melting

When a gas changes into a liquid
a) condensation
b) sublimation
c) deposition
d) freezing

When a gas changes into a solid
a) deposition
b) condensation
c) sublimation
d) freezing

The temperature at which a liquid changes into a solid
a) freezing point
b) melting point
c) vaporization
d) deposition

Dew forming in the morning is an example of
a) condensation
b) freezing point
c) convection
d) evaporation

The state of matter found most abundantly in the universe in the stars. It is composed of charged particles at extremely high temperatures.
a) plasma
b) solid
c) liquid
d) gas

Salt added to water raises the boiling point. This phenomenon is known as
a) boiling point elevation
b) melting point elevation
c) The temperature at which water can no longer exist in a liquid regardless of the pressure
d) critical temperature

The temperature at which water can no longer exist in a liquid regardless of the pressure
a) critical temperature
b) melting point
c) freezing point
d) vapor point

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