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Bernoulli’s principle states that lateral or sideward pressure decreases as the fluid’s speed
a) increases
b) decreases
c) stays constant
d) fluctuates

During flight on an airplane wing, lower pressure is found
a) below the wing
b) above the wing
c) behind the wing
d) in front of the wing

The small winglike stabilizers on the rear of an aircraft are
a) elevators
b) ailerons
c) rudders
d) thrusters

The ends of wings that tilt the plane from side to side (roll) are
a) ailerons
b) elevators
c) rudders
d) thrusters

The tail fin that adjusts the angle of the plant from left to right (yaw) are
a) rudders
b) elevators
c) ailerons
d) thrusters

The science of shaping objects to allow the smooth flow of fluids around them and reduce drag is called
a) streamlining
b) thermodynamics
c) buoyancy
d) friction

The upward force on a plane
a) lift
b) gravity
c) thrust
d) drag

The downward force on a plane
a) gravity
b) lift
c) thrust
d) drag

The force on a plane that pushes it forward
a) thrust
b) lift
c) gravity
d) drag

The force on a plane that slows it down
a) drag
b) lift
c) gravity
d) thrust

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