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A scientist who wanted to measure the atmospheric pressure would use
a) barometer
b) altimeter
c) thermometer
d) calorimeter

A scientist wanting to measure the altitude or how high up he or she is in the sky would use
a) altimeter
b) barometer
c) thermometer
d) calorimeter

Fluids tend to move from areas of _______ pressure to _______ pressure.
a) high, low
b) low, high
c) medium, low
d) high, high

All of the following are examples of everyday uses of atmospheric pressure except
a) bathtubs
b) straws
c) siphons
d) vacuum cleaners

Which law states that if the temperature of a gas is constant, its volume and pressure are inversely proportional?
a) Boyle’s Law
b) Charles’s Law
c) Amonton’s Law
d) Pascal's Law

Which law states that if volume is constant, the pressure and temperature are directly proportional?
a) Amonton’s Law
b) Boyle’s Law
c) Pascal’s Law
d) Charles’s Law

Which law states that if pressure is constant, the volume and temperature are directly proportional?
a) Charles’s Law
b) Amonton’s Law
c) Boyle’s Law
d) Pascal’s Law

A marshmallow shrinks as you increase the pressure by pushing a syringe. This demonstrates which gas law?
a) Boyle’s Law
b) Amonton’s Law
c) Charles’s Law
d) Pascal’s Law

The ability of a gas to be squeezed and compacted into containers is known as
a) compressibility
b) pressure
c) dispersion
d) inflation

The scientist who discovered air pressure
a) Torricelli
b) Galileo
c) Newton
d) Archimedes

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