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Using the scientific method, a scientist will first do what?
a) Make a hypothesis
b) Record observations
c) Ask a question
d) Record data

Using the scientific method, after setting up the experiment and starting, what will the scientist do next?
a) Ask a question
b) Write a hypothesis
c) Share conclusion
d) Record and analyze data

A hypothesis needs to be both ______________ and _______________.
a) correct, creative
b) testable, correct
c) correct, repeatable
d) testable, repeatable

What are the 6 steps of the scientific method listed in order?
a) Question, Hypothesize, Observe, Experiment, Conclusion, Record and Analyze Data
b) Question, Observe, Hypothesize, Experiment, Record and Analyze Data, Conclusion
c) Hypothesize, Question, Observe, Experiment, Record and Analyze Data, Conclusion
d) Hypothesize, Question, Observe, Record and Analyze Data, Experiment, Conclusion

Which of the following is the group that does not receive the test variable (normal conditions)
a) Constant
b) Control
c) Independent
d) Dependent

A scientist tested the effect of TV on plant growth. Group A received 1 hour of TV each day, which group B received no TV. What is the independent variable?
a) Plant Growth
b) Type of TV
c) Hours of TV
d) Scientist

Which of the following is not a limitation of science?
a) Science relies on assumptions
b) Humans have some bias in their understanding
c) Science is only approximate not exact
d) Scientific experiments can never be repeated

Which of the following is not an example that falls within the scope of science
a) study of matter and energy
b) study involving testable hypothesis
c) study of spiritual beings
d) study of present matter

Properties of a substance describing how it changes when reacting with other substances fall under this category
a) Chemical
b) Physical
c) Anatomical
d) Thermal

Properties that change without changing the identify of matter fall under this category
a) Chemical
b) Physical
c) Anatomical
d) Thermal

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