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Which of the following might mix a soil creating good-quality soil?
a) a gentle rain
b) organic matter
c) worms
d) compaction

What state of matter is the inner core of Earth?
a) Liquid
b) Mushy
c) Solid
d) Gas

Which soil horizon usually contains humus?
a) B horizon
b) A horizon
c) C horizon
d) E horizon

An earthquake is related to a crack in the crust called a(n)
a) fault.
b) fracture.
c) splinter.
d) crevasse.

During a severe drought, which will likely cause the most erosion of a farmland?
a) soil creeping downhill
b) water runoff
c) ice
d) wind

Hot, molten rock deep below Earth’s surface is called
a) magma.
b) parent rock.
c) mantlerock.
d) lava.

All of the following are examples of erosion EXCEPT:
a) The wind in the desert blows sand against a rock.
b) A glacier picks up boulders as it moves.
c) A flood washes over a river
d) An icy winter causes the pavement in a road to crack.

Which layer of Earth is divided into plates?
a) Mantle
b) Inner core
c) Crust
d) Outer core

Roger poured water over a pile of sand. Some of the sand washed away. This process is similar to which of the following?
a) The eruption of a volcano
b) The erosion of the walls of a canyon
c) The uplifting of mountain ranges
d) The forming of dunes or mounds in a desert

In which layer of the Earth are there convection currents?
a) Core
b) Mantle
c) Crust
d) Silicate rock

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