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What is matter?
a) The space something takes up.
b) What all things are made of.
c) The color, size, and shape of things.
d) Mass of something.

Milk is an example of what?
a) Solid
b) Gas
c) Solid and gas
d) Liquid

How is gas like a liquid?
a) It has no mass.
b) It fills all the space inside a container.
c) It takes the shape of its container
d) You can see through it.

Which form of matter has its own shape?
a) Solid
b) Gas
c) Gas and solid
d) Liquid

A chair is what type of matter?
a) Solid
b) Gas
c) Gas and solid
d) Liquid

What form of matter fills all of the space of its container?
a) Solid
b) Liquid and gas
c) Liquid
d) Gas

Air is an example of what type of matter?
a) Solid
b) Liquid
c) Gas and liquid
d) Gas

What unit of measurment do we use to measure liquids?
a) Centimeter
b) Meter
c) Inch
d) Milliliter

What unti of measurement do we use to measure length?
a) Milliliter
b) Liter
c) Gallon
d) Centimeter

All forms of matter do what?
a) Have their own shape
b) Fill up the whole container
c) Take up space and have mass
d) Take the shape of their container

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