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Why is upwelling an important process in a marine ecosystem?
a) Upwelling replaces sand and gravel on beaches lost as the result of wave and tidal action
b) Upwelling decreases the temperature differences between different layers of ocean water
c) Upwelling cycles nutrients from decomposers along the ocean floor to producers in surface waters
d) Upwelling returns salt to the surface from the benthic zone as part of the global conveyor belt current

Which is the best sign of the ability of an organism to survive and reproduce in evolutionary biology?
a) The number of offspring that survive to reproduce
b) The physical traits of the offspring
c) The behavior of the offspring

A new predator moves into an area with a population of rabbits. The rabbits with longer back legs have an advantage because they can run faster and escape the predator. Which will be the most likely effect on the rabbit population
a) The population will become extinct due to stress
b) The rabbit population will produce fewer offspring
c) The rabbits with shorter back legs will learn to hide
d) The future generations of rabbits will have longer legs.

Why are fat layers and thick fur advantageous for polar bears?
a) they help the bear catch more food
b) They help the bear get rid of excess body heat more easily
c) They allow the bears to run and swim faster to escape predators
d) They insulate the bears and allow them to blend in with their environment

Which is the best hypothesis for the extinction of the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous period?
a) The dinosaurs killed each other
b) Humans destroyed all the dinosaurs
c) Mammals evolved and killed the dinosaurs
d) The climate changed and the dinosaurs could not adapt

Which best explains how environment and genetic variation contribute to the difference in a species physical appearance?
a) The climate becomes colder and a new species develops
b) The climate becomes colder and a species becomes extinct
c) The climate becomes colder and a species adapts to the change

Which best explains the relationship between evolution and natural selection?
a) Evolution causes natural selection
b) Evolution prevents natural selection
c) Natural selection prevents evolution
d) Natural selection is one aspect of evolution

Which adaptation has occurred due to genetic variation allowing some species to seem invisible to predators?
a) ability to make loud noises
b) exceptional vision
c) camouflage

Which characteristic of organisms allows them to adapt to problems in their environment?
a) genetic variation
b) genetic isolation
c) genetic drift

How do populations of asexual organisms acquire new genetic traits?
a) By deleting cells that no longer function
b) By mating with organisms of other species
c) By consuming genetic material from other species
d) By experiencing mutations over several generations

Due to a genetic variation, a cheetah is unable to run as fast as other normal cheetahs. Which would be the most important for the survival of the cheetah?
a) Competition for prey
b) competition for mates
c) competitions for shelter

If global warming increases, which animal is most likely to be selected against survival?
a) a monkey
b) Polar bear
c) Grizzly bear

Which is an example of parasitism
a) cat and mouse
b) tadpole and frog
c) human and tapeworm
d) caterpillar and butterfly

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