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Imprints of the shells of ocean clams are often found in the rocks of the Appalachian Mountains. What do these imprints fossils most likely indicate?
a) These mountains were once under the ocean
b) These mountains once had a more rainy climate
c) Mountain river clams evoled from ocean clams
d) Ocean clams evolved from mountain river clams

Which best supports the idea of continental drift?
a) Coastlines are constantly changing shape due to erosion
b) Earthquakes are frequently felt in many regions of the world
c) Glaciers currently exist in areas considered too warm for glaciers to form
d) Fossilized remains of the same plants and animals are found on different continents

Which is an example of the forelimbs of humans and bats having the same basic skeletal structure but derived from the same evolutionary origin?
a) cellular structures
b) analogous structures
c) homologous structures

Which is an example of comparative anatomy that supports the theory of evolution?
a) A mother killdeer flutters just out of reach of a predator.
b) In Florida, roaches began to ignore a formerly effective poison bait.
c) In the early stages of the embryo, fish, turtles, chickens, mice, and humans develop gill slits.

The human arm contains the radius and ulna bones. Whales, bats, and dogs also have these bones. Which statement best explains this relationship between the organisms?
a) Humans evolved from whales, bats, and dogs.
b) Humans and the other animals share a common ancestor.
c) Humans evolved around the same time as the other animals.
d) Humans have existed in the same location as the other animals

Which best demonstrates analogous structures in animals?
a) Cat fur and dog fur
b) whale fins and human arms
c) bird wings and insect wings
d) gills in fish and lungs in mammals

James is examining two different fossil specimens. The fossils of both organisms show wings with similar bone structure. Which conclusion can James most likely make?
a) The organisms are different species
b) The organisms are of the same species
c) The wings allowed the organisms to fly long distances
d) The wings served the same function in both organisms

Which best describes a species of lizards that adapt to survive under new environmental conditions?
a) The adapted lizards are a different species as the original lizards
b) The adapted lizards are the same species as the original lizards
c) The adapted lizards have no relation to the original lizards

It is possible to hypothesize how a particular group of organisms evolved by arranging fossils in a chronological sequence. Where would the oldest fossils be found?
a) The deepest rock layer
b) The most shallow rock layer
c) The rock layer with the greatest variety of fossils
d) The rock layer containing fossils with the most complex structures

Bird wings and insect wings are analogous structures. which can most likely be concluded?
a) Insects evolved from birds
b) Birds evolved from insects
c) Birds and insects have a close common ancestor.
d) Birds and insects do not have a close common ancestor

Which characteristic best indicates an evolutionary relationship between birds and reptiles?
a) scales
b) feathers
c) warm blood
d) hard-shelled eggs

Based on the fossil record, which organisms were most likely to have existed first?
a) plants
b) insects
c) jellyfish
d) bacteria

How does genetic variation affect an organism's ability to adapt to its environment?
a) increases it
b) decreases it
c) has no known effect in most organisms

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