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what did the men who built america have in common?
a) courage
b) humility
c) honesty
d) they were born rich

based on THE MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA (the movie we watched in class), that time in history would be considered the most ____________ system in the history of America
a) market
b) custom based
c) transition
d) command

which of the following will get you the highest rate of return according to our assignment in class?
a) real estate (house)
b) savings account
c) cd
d) gold and other metals

what causes inflation?
a) increase in the money supply
b) gas
c) fed increases interest rate
d) people buying more stuff

when productivity increases, prices _______________
a) decrease
b) stay the same if inputs stay the same
c) increase
d) inflate

which man revolutionized the railroad industry?
a) cornelius vanderbilt
b) john d rockefeller
c) henry ford
d) andrew carnegie

which man revolutionized the oil industry by creating standard oil?
a) john d rockefeller
b) cornelius vanderbilt
c) jp morgan
d) andrew carnegie

which of the following men made a bridge across the mississippi river, then made his fortune in steel?
a) andrew carnegie
b) cornelius vanderbilt
c) john d rockefeller
d) henry ford

which of the following usually happens first in the economic history of a nation?
a) bartering and trading for goods
b) farming and agriculture
c) industrial revolution
d) information age

Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 investment principles we learned?
a) be credit smart
b) buy and hold
c) diversify
d) start early

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