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What was the bloodiest one day of the Civil War?
a) Antietam
b) Gettysburg
c) Chickamauga
d) Bull Run

What battle was considered the turning point of the Civil War?
a) Antietam
b) Gettysburg
c) Bull Run
d) Chickamauga

Which battle, fought in Georgia, was a Confederate victory, but failed to follow up with the Union Retreat?
a) Chickamauga
b) Gettysburg
c) Atlanta
d) Antietam

Which Union general led the infamous March to the Sea?
a) Sherman
b) Grant
c) Lee
d) Lincoln

Who won the Battle of Atlanta?
a) Union
b) Confederacy

Why did the Union want to gain access to the city of Atlanta?
a) To get to the sea
b) To get the ammunition factories in Atlanta
c) To cut off rail lines and Atlanta's support for the Confederacy
d) To capture Jefferson Davis

Where did the March to the Sea go in Georgia?
a) From Gainesville to Los Vegas
b) From Athens to Clarkesville
c) From Atlanta to Savannah
d) From Atlanta to Augusta

What was the name of the infamous Civil War POW camp in Georgia?
a) Camp Elmira
b) Camp Glisson
c) Andersonville
d) Jamestown

Andersonville held _________________soldiers.
a) Union
b) Confederate

What was the name of Union strategy that attempted to keep imports and exports from going in and out of the Confederacy?
a) King Cotton Diplomacy
b) Blockades
c) Blockade Runners
d) Saratoga Defense

Who was the head general of the Confederate armies?
a) Lee
b) Sherman
c) Grant
d) Hood

What was the name of the document written by Lincoln that freed the slaves in the South?
a) Emancipation Proclamation
b) Gettysburg Address
c) Freedom Charter
d) Declaration of Independence

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