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Which of the following situations best describes the use of a renewable resource?
a) filling a car with gasoline
b) building wooden furniture
c) mining copper
d) burning coal in a power plant

In which country is the population likely to be increasing most rapidly?
a) Kenya
b) Germany
c) Australia
d) Norway

Using scientific information from chemistry and biology to devise a plan to clean up a lake and make it healthy again describes
a) ecology
b) environmental science
c) earth science
d) social science

Which country is most likely to have either a stabilized or a a slow growing population?
a) India
b) Canada
c) Mexico
d) Pakistan

A sustainable world would be characterized by the
a) preservation of rare animals by relocation from natural habitats to laboratories
b) invention of safer storage facilities for increased amounts of toxic wastes
c) maximum exploitation of natural resources using more advanced technologies
d) indefinite existence of human populations in a healthy and prosperous condiditon

An ecological footprint is the
a) mark a person's shoe makes in soft earth
b) number of animals a person has killed
c) amount of land and ocean area needed to support one person
d) number of trees people cut down

Compared to developing nations, developed nations have
a) lower health standards
b) faster-growing populations
c) great personal wealth
d) low incomes

Hardin's Tragedy of the Commons essay addresses the conflicts associated with what environmental challenge?
a) preventing pollution
b) preserving biodiversity
c) curbing overpopulation
d) protecting shared resources

Which of the following describes the decrease of a renewable resource?
a) hunting of excess deer to maintain a healthy population size
b) intensive cultivation of farmland that exhausts soil nutrients
c) mining coal
d) increasing use of solar energy to generate electrical power

Which abiotic factor would have the greatest effect on photosynthesis?
a) An herbivore eating at the leaves.
b) A bacteria found in the stem.
c) The temperature in the area.
d) A lady bug.

A group of the same species living in the same place a the same time is a
a) community
b) ecosystem
c) population
d) biosphere

Which of the following is not an ecosystem?
a) coral reef
b) utility pole
c) city lake
d) oak forest

A reduction in which of these would have the LARGEST effect on a community.
a) The predators
b) The herbivores
c) The omnivores
d) The producers

The community of a pond is made up of all the
a) abiotic factors in the water
b) resources that organisms need
c) habitats in and around the water
d) populations of fish, insects, and other living organisms

A symbiotic relationship where both species benefit is called
a) mutualism
b) commensalism
c) parasite
d) predation

Which of these is in the correct order from most complex to simplest?
a) Biosphere, Ecosystem, Population, Community, Organism
b) Organism, Population, Community, Ecosystem, Biosphere
c) Biosphere, Ecosystem, Community, Population, Organism
d) Organism, Population, Community, Biosphere, Ecosytem

Which of the following is not a biotic factor in an ecosystem?
a) roots
b) insects
c) leaves
d) air

Which of the following describes soil and temperature in an ecosystem?
a) unnecessary factors
b) biotic factors
c) abiotic factors
d) selection factors

The name tree huggers comes from the efforts of villagers in India who refused to allow loggers to destroy their forest for commercial gain. This is known as
a) The Lake Atitlan Policy
b) The Chipko Movement
c) Silent Spring
d) Tragedy of the Commons

Selective breeding of organisms by humans for specific characteristics.
a) artificial selection
b) biotic factors
c) abiotic factors
d) natural selection

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