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What is the typical lettering height for room names?
a) 1/8
b) 1/4
c) 3/16
d) 1/2

What does o.c. stand for in the architecture industry?
a) o'connel
b) on coarse
c) on center
d) oval circle

What type of view is a floor plan?
a) top view
b) pictorial view
c) section view
d) plan view

What is the most common spacing for floor joists?
a) 24 inches on center
b) 12 inches on center
c) 16 inches on center
d) 32 inches on center

What type of line is used to represent the I-beam?
a) hidden
b) center
c) object
d) border

Footings for foundation walls are drawn with what kind of lines?
a) center
b) phantom
c) object
d) hidden

Dead loads are.....
a) part of the house
b) not part of the house
c) snow on the roof
d) people in the house

A live load is.....
a) not part of the residential structure
b) part of the residential structure
c) the roof
d) a beam

How far should basement walls extend the finish grade when using frame construction?
a) 12 inches
b) 8 inches
c) 5 inches
d) 10 inches

The most common foundation type is the
a) A type
b) W type
c) T type
d) Z type

The footing thickness is equal to what?
a) the foundation wall thickness
b) twice the founcation wall thickness
c) 12 inches
d) none of the above

What is the average depth of frost penetration for northeast Illinois?
a) 48 inches
b) 35 inches
c) 50 inches
d) 32 inches

What are the three centers of an efficient kitchen?
a) food preperation, cooking, and clean up
b) food preperation, cooking, and storage
c) food preperation, baking, and clean up
d) storage, cooking, and clean up

What are two things that are a must for a foyer?
a) screen door and weather resistant floor
b) coat closet and weather resistant floor
c) coat closet and umbrella stand
d) shelf and weather resistant floor

Dimension lines should be at least how far out from the object?
a) 1/2
b) 3/4
c) 5/16
d) 7/8

Interior walls are dimensioned to their ________________.
a) center
b) inside lines
c) outside lines
d) none of the above

Residential floor plans are usually drawn at a scale of__________________.
a) 1/4 inch equals a foot
b) 1/2 inch equals a foot
c) 1/8 inch equals a foot
d) 1/3 inch equals a foot

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