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Karen who sits behind me wasn't sure if she needed a comma in that sentence.
a) comma,
b) correct
c) , who sits behind me,
d) so,

Swinging at the fast ball, Bobbie heard, the satisfying crack of the home run that he had just hit.
a) Correct
b) Remove comma after heard
c) Swinging,
d) run,

Fifteen uncooked popcorn kernels, and grains of salt littered the front of Robert's shirt as he slouched in the theater seat.
a) Correct
b) salt,
c) shirt,
d) Remove comma after kernels

To study for his calculus midterm Brian drank seven cups of strong Turkish coffee which kept him wide awake for the all-nighter.
a) study,
b) coffee,
c) cups,
d) midterm,

The slimy lettuce on my burrito made me ask the manager to return my 99 cents.
a) slimy,
b) lettuce,
c) correct
d) made,

Because no one bought tickets the concert had to be canceled.
a) Because,
b) tickets,
c) ,the concert,
d) be,

The program which took place last Thursday in the gym went very well.
a) ,which took place last Thursday,
b) ,which took place last Thursday in the gym,
c) program,
d) , last Thursday in the gym,

My nephew said he would like a nerf gun and a puppy for Christmas.
a) Correct
b) gun,
c) puppy,
d) nephew,

My dog, Sasha, always barks at the mailman.
a) Correct
b) barks,
c) always,
d) Remove commas from around Sasha

After school I have been trying to exercise more
a) Correct
b) early,
c) been
d) school,

We like to eat out; therefore we go to Lafayette all the time.
a) Lafayette,
b) like,
c) therefore,
d) eat,

My grandpa who served in the Korean War has the best stories
a) ,who served,
b) ,who served in the Korean War,
c) best,
d) grandpa,

Maricarmen bought a new sweater for the first day of class.
a) ,first day,
b) Correct.
c) ,bought a new sweater,
d) sweater,

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