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Which organelle is not found in plant cells?
a) vacoules
b) mitochondria
c) chloroplasts
d) centrioles

Which organelles are found ONLY in plant cells?
a) cell membrane, vacuole
b) cell wall, chloroplasts
c) cell wall, vacuole
d) cell membrane, chloroplasts

Which organelle packages and distributes proteins that are received from the endoplasmic reticulum?
a) vacuole
b) cytoplasm
c) Golgi apparatus
d) ribosome

Which organelle contains digestive enzymes that break down waste material and debris in the cell?
a) ribosome
b) lysosome
c) vacuole
d) chloroplast

Which plant-cell organelle supports and maintains the cell's shape and protects the cell from damage?
a) cell membrane
b) chloroplast
c) cell wall
d) vacuole

If the endoplasmic reticulum were removed from the cell, which organelle would not be able to function properly, and why?
a) Golgi apparatus, because it packages proteins received from the ER
b) mitochondria, because they rely on the ER as an energy source
c) ribosomes, because they receive proteins made by the ER
d) cytoplasm, because it relies on the ER for structural support

How does the cell wall protect a plant cell?
a) The cell wall does not protect the cell because the cell membrane does.
b) The cell wall is thin and flexible, which allows the cell to be moved without harming the organelles.
c) The cell wall is on the inside of the cell and serves to contain the contents of the cell.
d) The cell wall is thick and fibrous and provides a barrier between the cell and its external environment.

Which organelle makes the proteins that are needed by the cell?
a) cell membrane
b) Golgi apparatus
c) ribosomes
d) nucleus

What function do chloroplasts perform?
a) They control the activities in the cell.
b) They use light energy to make food for the plant.
c) They produce proteins for the cell.
d) They provide temporary storage for the plant’s water.

Which organelle is correctly matched with its function?
a) nucleus, Directs cell activity
b) endoplasmic reticulum, Breaks down sugar molecules to supply energy
c) golgi apparatus, Supports and protects organelles in the cell
d) lysosome, Produces proteins for the cell

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