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Who passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
a) Lyndon Johnson
b) John F. Kennedy
c) Martin Luther King
d) James Hogg

Mirabeau Lamar-
a) was the first president of Texas
b) supported the annexation of Texas
c) Supported an independent Texas
d) reduced the size of the Texas Army

If women want suffrage, they want-
a) The ability to marry who they want
b) equality in the workplace
c) the right to vote
d) desegregation of schools

The Battle of San Jacinto-
a) ended the Civil War
b) ended the Mexican Revolution
c) ended the Texas Revolution
d) Ended the second World War

Which of the following is NOT a reason for the beginning of the American Civil War?
a) The Expansion of slavery
b) the election of Abraham Lincoln
c) State's rights
d) National Tariffs

13.B If supply is high but demand is low, what is the price?
a) High
b) Low

13. B If supply is low but demand is high, what is the price?
a) High
b) Low

14.A Federal Government is-
a) the state government
b) the national government
c) a branch in the US government
d) a part of the local government

14.A What allows shared power between the state and federal government?
a) Federalism
b) Checks and Balances
c) Legislative Branch
d) US Constitution

15.A What is the executive branch in charge of?
a) Enforcing laws
b) Setting laws
c) making sure laws are constitutional
d) none of these

15.A What is the Legislative Branch in charge of?
a) Enforcing laws
b) Setting laws
c) making sure laws are constitutional
d) none of these

15.A What is the Judicial Branch in charge of?
a) none of these
b) making sure laws are constitutional
c) Setting laws
d) Enforcing laws

15.A What process makes sure none of the three branches of government become too powerful?
a) federalism
b) checks and balances
c) urbanization
d) None

Where do public schools get the majority of their funding?
a) Federal Government
b) Local Government
c) Local Property Tax
d) National Sales Tax

15. C How is Texas School funding lead to an unequal education?
a) Schools with the most property tax receive a better education
b) Schools that receive the most money from the federal government receive a better education.
c) Schools that have a larger population receive more money and a better education
d) Texas Schools only give funding to high performing schools.

16.B The best way to enact change in your government is to-
a) Vote
b) write to your representetive
c) voice your opinion to your peers
d) create support in your local community

12.A Urbanization-
a) is the process of shifting from rural to urban
b) is the process of shifting from urban to rural
c) has caused many jobs in the farming sector to open
d) has forced many factories to close

12.A Family owned farming has shifted to agribusiness because-
a) of the urbanization of the American public
b) the increase in farm jobs in rural areas
c) agribusiness is much cheaper to run
d) the widespread shortage of food in the 1950's

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