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What are the inputs of photosynthesis
a) Oxygen, sugar
b) sunlight, water, carbon dioxide
c) Oxygen, sunlight
d) sugar, carbon dioxide, water

What are the outputs of photosynthesis?
a) water, sunlight, carbon dioxide
b) oxygen, sugar
c) sugar, water, carbon dioxide
d) oxygen, sunlight

Mr. Bridgman placed a plant in a dark closet and one plant by a sunny window. He measured the number of flowers on each plant every day for two weeks. Based on Mr. Bridgman's observations what was the testable question?
a) how much sunlight are best for growing plants
b) what time of year is best for growing plants
c) what type of soil is best for plants to grow
d) how much water is best for growing plants

How are canyons formed?
a) Deposition when rivers meet the ocean
b) earthquakes
c) volacnos erupting
d) Erosion by rivers

What part of the plant absorbs sunlight for photosynthesis?
a) the flower
b) the roots
c) the stem
d) the leaves

What part of the plant transports water from the roots to the flower
a) the leaves
b) the stem
c) the fruit
d) the flower

Alexander found a foot print of a webbed foot, where did Alexander find this footprint?
a) By a cactus in a desert
b) by a pond
c) in the arctic
d) in the grasslands

What adaptation helps a turtle avoid being eaten by predators?
a) strong legs for digging
b) hard outer shell
c) short legs for walking
d) strong jaw for chewing

which of the following is a predator
a) an organism that makes its own food
b) an organism that breaks down dead animals
c) a decomposer
d) something that eats other organisms

What is the role of a decomposer
a) uses sunlights to make its own food
b) eat plants to get energy
c) to break down dead animals and plants into nutrients for the soil
d) eats only other animals to get energy

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