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The legend of the creation of Rome says that Rome was created by:
a) Tarquin the Proud
b) Romulus
c) Alexander the Great
d) Zeus

A Roman consul is MOST like a US
a) Senator
b) President
c) Judge
d) Everyday person

The present day country of Italy can be best described as which of the following:
a) Isthmus
b) Peninsula
c) Plateau
d) Grasslands

What was the primary reason for the Punic Wars?
a) Romans wanted to convert their savage neighbors to Christianity
b) Tribes in Spain were fighting for their independence from Rome
c) Carthaginians and Romans were fighting over land in the Mediterranean
d) Carthaginians were fighting for their independence from Rome

What does Rule of Law mean?
a) Laws apply to every free man equally
b) Laws apply to patricians equally
c) Laws apply to everyone equally
d) Laws apply to plebeians only

Which of the following is NOT true of the Roman Senate
a) Made up of plebeian and patrician men
b) Served for life
c) Women were not permitted in the Senate
d) Proposed laws

Rome is in what continent?
a) Asia
b) Africa
c) Europe
d) Australia

Which of the following did NOT make up part of Hannibal's army in the Punic Wars?
a) Men from North Africa
b) Greeks
c) Elephants
d) Men from tribes in Italy

What was Hannibal's BIGGEST mistake in the 2nd Punic War?
a) Did not destroy all of the Roman army when he had the chance
b) Trusted generals who betrayed him and helped the Romans
c) Did not plan well and lost a majority of his attacks against the Romans
d) He did nothing wrong which is why he wiped out the Roman army completely

Which of the following is NOT a plebeian?
a) Farmer
b) Blacksmith
c) Senator
d) Poor, unemployed man

Who won the Punic Wars?
a) Carthaginians
b) Greeks
c) Romans
d) Persians

What type of government did Rome have during the 12 Tables?
a) DIctatorship
b) Absolute Monarchy
c) Theocracy
d) Republic

Which of the following did Hannibal NOT have to overcome during the Punic Wars?
a) Romans attacking him on the Mediterranean Sea
b) Crossing the Alps
c) Attacks from local tribes
d) Fighting a well trained, well armed army with a lot more soldiers

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