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Who was the commander of all Allied Forces who would later become the president of the United States after the war?
a) Harry S. Truman
b) Dwight D. Eisenhower
c) George S. Patton
d) John F. Kennedy

Which famous general is accredited with successfully moving US forces throughout the Pacific to eventually defeat Japan?
a) George S. Patton
b) Omar Bradley
c) Douglas MacArthur
d) Irwin Rommel

Who was J. Robert Oppenheimer?
a) Considered the father of the atomic bomb who later lived his days in regret
b) The German war strategist that came up with the Blitzkrieg
c) Hitler’s forward commander in charge of overseeing the concentration camps
d) The inventor of nuclear energy and the hydrogen bomb

What was the purpose of Hitler’s Final Solution?
a) Hitler’s last ditch effort to defeat the allies and retake the Rhineland
b) To equip concentration camps with furnaces and gas chambers in order to hasten the extermination of the Jewish population at
c) Hitler’s secret plan to convince Mexico to join the war and invade the US
d) It was meant as a counter-intelligence strategy to confuse Allied commanders on where the major German attacks would occur to

What were the portions of the cities called where Jews were crowded into dismal and subpar living conditions?
a) Ghettos
b) Bodegas
c) Suburbs
d) Bugettos

What early agreement was made between the US and Britain before America officially entered the war? (hint: it would become the basis for the foundation of the United Nations)
a) The Pacific Charter
b) The Atlantic Charter
c) The North Sea Charter
d) The Royal Caribbean Charter

What was the effective German military strategy that literally translates to “Lightning War”?
a) Luftwaffe
b) Hordo
c) Schleiffen
d) Blitzkrieg

What was the main purpose of launching the D-Day operation of Allied forces on the beaches of Normandy?
a) The Allies needed to gain a foothold on European soil in order to effectively take the fight to the Germans and push them bac
b) To destroy the Germans Atlantic Wall those defended the beaches and secure the English channel for merchant ships to conduct
c) To get US forces into Berlin first beating the Russians in order to declare it a US victory
d) To get US forces into Berlin first beating the Russians in order to declare it a US victory

What major battle in Russia proved to be the first major turning point for the Allied Forces?
a) Battle of Moscow
b) Battle of St. Petersburg
c) Battle of Leningrad
d) Battle of Stalingrad

What key event was the factor that caused the US to enter WWII on the side of the Allies?
a) The attack on US naval forces at Pearl Harbor
b) The sinking of the Lusitania
c) Hitler’s expansion into neutral territories in Europe
d) Germany began refusing to repay their debts to the US owed from WWI

Which of the following conflicts proved to be Hitler’s last-ditch effort to break Allied lines to resupply German Forces and give an opportunity for a counter-attack, but ultimately failed?
a) Battle of Stalingrad
b) Bombing of London
c) Battle of the Bulge
d) Battle of Midway

What strategy was employed by General MacArthur in the Pacific Theater that allowed the Allied Forces to regain territory leading to Japan?
a) Blitzkrieg
b) Shock and Awe
c) Island Jumping
d) Island Hopping

Which of the following battles proved to be the turning point for the Allies in the Pacific Theater and to this day considered one of the most decisive naval battles in history?
a) Battle of Coral Sea
b) Battle of Guadalcanal
c) Battle of Midway
d) Battle of Hawaii

What was the significance of the Manhattan Project in the US?
a) It was the top secret project to create the atomic bomb
b) It was the top secret strategy to plan a secondary invasion of Europe had D-Day failed
c) It pushed for the research of nuclear energy
d) It was the top secret program that continued after the war to attain stealth technology for airplanes

Which two cities were the targets of the Atomic Bomb drops?
a) Tokyo and Hiroshima
b) Hiroshima and Nagasaki
c) Nagasaki and Tokyo
d) Nagasaki and Kyoto

What was the reason emperor Hirohito finally decided to surrender Japan after two atomic bombs devastated his country?
a) Hundreds of thousands of Japanese were killed immediately and cities were completely devastated by the atomic bomb drops
b) His little sister came to him and pleaded to save the lives of the Japan people because his military commanders would rather
c) US naval forces were positioned outside the country and intended to land and drop forces to sweep through Tokyo after the ato
d) US forces threatened to drop a third atomic bomb on the capital of Tokyo where he resided

What book written by Adolf Hitler laid out his beliefs and goals for Germany? He wrote the work while in prison for plotting to overthrow the German government
a) Lebensraum
b) Mein Kampf
c) Swastika of the Fuhrer
d) The Master Race

Which of the following was a common belief of both the Nazis and the Fascists?
a) Love of communism
b) Free and fair democratic elections
c) Belief in racial superiority
d) Extreme nationalism

What two superpowers fought for control after WWII?
a) US and Great Britain
b) US and Soviet Union
c) Great Britain and the Soviet Union
d) Great Britain and China

Winston Churchill referred to the division between the west and the east as what?
a) Iron Wall
b) Iron Gates
c) Iron Curtain
d) Iron Door

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