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What shape is a quartz crystal?
a) cubic
b) monocline
c) tetragonal
d) hexagonal

________ combine to form crystal structures as magma cool.
a) atom
b) rocks
c) electrons
d) elements

Minerals are made up of one or more _________.
a) colors
b) structures
c) rocks
d) elements

A mineral is classified as an ore if it ________________________.
a) is rare and valuable
b) it is solid and natural
c) it profitable and useful
d) canbe used as jewelry

A collector of minerals would want a sample of ___________,
a) salt
b) wood
c) sugar
d) coal

The largest group of rock-forming minerals consists of the _______.
a) quartzes
b) halides
c) silcates
d) oxides

One of the softest minerals is ____________________.
a) topaz
b) quartz
c) talc
d) amethyst

All minerals share the following characteristics EXCEPT that of ____.
a) being formed by natural processes
b) being formed from living organisms
c) being solids
d) having the atoms within the mineral arranged in a pattern

All minerals share ____ basic characteristics.
a) two
b) three
c) four
d) five

The hardness of quartz is 7. This indicates that quartz will scratch all of the following minerals EXCEPT ____.
a) talc
b) apatite
c) topaz
d) calcite

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