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Rome's first code of laws was
a) The law of Nations
b) The Council of Plebs
c) The Twelve Tables
d) The Tribune

The Romans defeated, then destroyed Carthage in the
a) Battle of Cannae in 216 B.C.
b) The Fourth Macedonian War
c) The conquest of Southern Italy
d) The Punic Wars

Hadrian was a Roman emperor during the
a) Punic Wars
b) Pax Romana
c) Spread of Christianity
d) Collapse of the Republic

This island was part of the Roman Empire in the most far reaching north-eastern corner of the empire.
a) Sicily
b) Crete
c) Britain
d) Corsica

Which reasons best explains why Rome controlled the strait between the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea.
a) Power
b) Travel
c) Fishing
d) Trade

The following held power as the head of households in the paterfamilias.
a) Mother
b) Eldest daughter
c) Eldest son
d) Youngest son

Greek slaves were coveted because they were
a) Hard working
b) Educated
c) Easily trained
d) Religious

The ordinary citizens of Rome lived in
a) Plazas
b) Villas
c) Latifundia
d) Stong hut

Reason that best explains the beginning of the Punic Wars
a) Threat
b) Slaves
c) Government
d) Religion

Which of the following was the Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire
a) Rome
b) Sparta
c) Alexandria
d) Constantinople

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