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Barnacles attach themselves to the shell of a scallop. The barnacle gains a place to live and the scallop is not harmed by the presence of the barnacles. What type of symbioses is described above?
a) Commensalism
b) Competition
c) Mutualism
d) Parasitism

The scientific name for Great Blue Heron is Ardea Herodias. Which clasification group is Ardea?
a) Genus
b) Class
c) Phylum
d) Species

Living things are classified as autotrophs or heterotrophs according to
a) How they obtain food
b) How they reproduce
c) the size of their communities
d) Their movement speed

The organisms classified in the same family must be in the same:
a) Class
b) Genus
c) Species
d) Subspecies

7. Organism A is eukaryotic, is unicellular, and lacks a cell wall. Organism B is eukaryotic, multicellular, has a cell wall, and contains chloroplasts. In which kingdom should these organisms be classified?
a) Organism A in Animalia, organism B in Fungi
b) Organism A in Animalia, Orgaism B in Plantae
c) Organism A in Protista, Organism B in Fungi
d) Organism A in Protista, Organism B in Plantae

Which of the following organisms is Eukaryotic, multicellular, and autotrophic?
a) Squid
b) Tree
c) Paramecium
d) Mushroom

When the student examined a sample of the organism using a microscope, he saw many cells with cell walls, and no chloroplasts. This organism is most likely a member of what Kingdom?
a) Animalia
b) Eubacteria
c) Fungi
d) Protista

How are Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes different from each other?
a) A prokaryote HAS a nucleus and a eukaryote does NOT have a nucleus
b) A eukaryote HAS a nucleus and a prokaryote does NOT have a nucleus
c) A Prokaryote is a Protist, a Eukaryote is a Eubacteria
d) A eukaryote is a rock, a Prokaryote is a tree

Which Kingdoms include ONLY Prokaryotes?
a) Archaebacteria and Eubacteria
b) Bacteria and Protists
c) Plants and Animals
d) Protists and Fungi

What are the seven levels of classification of an organism from broadest to most specific?
a) Kingdom,Order,Species,Genus,Family,Class,Phylum
b) Kingdom,Phylum,Class,Order,Family,Genus,Species
c) Species,Order,Family,Class,Kingdom,Phylum,Genus
d) Species,Kingdom,Phylum,Class,Order,Famiy,Genus

Grouping Organisms based on similar characteristics is:
a) Aristotle
b) Classification
c) Lichen
d) Taxonomic Key

Which of the following is an example of a predator prey relationship?
a) grass - Cow
b) Salad - person
c) water - frog
d) zebra - lion

17. Mistletoe takes water and nutrients from the spruce tree that the spruce tree needs for growth. This relationship is an example of
a) commensalism
b) feudalism
c) mutualism
d) parasitism

What is an omnivore?
a) an organism that only eats meat
b) An organism that Only eats plants
c) An organism that eats both plants and other animals
d) An organism that makes its own food

Which of the biomes has the following characteristics: humid, lots of rain, constant warm temperatures, and is close to the equator?
a) desert
b) marine
c) tropical rainforest
d) tundra

Which of the biomes has the following characteristics: salt water all over the world and temperatures varrying according to depth or location?
a) Desert
b) marine
c) tropical rainfroest
d) tundra

Which of the following biomes has the following characteristics: very little rain, evaporates more than it rains; cactus; succulents with thick waxy skin to conserve water
a) desert
b) savanna
c) tropical rainforest
d) tundra

Which of the biomes has the following characteristics: Four seasons that change throughout the year; moderate rainfall; tree lose their leaves; oak trees; dogwoods; deer, squirrels, and birds?
a) freshwater
b) grassland
c) marine
d) Temperate Deciduous Forest

Which of the biomes has the following characteristics: extremely cold all year round, grounds always frozen - permafrost, moss, lichens, caribou, foxes, and very little rainfall
a) desert
b) marine
c) tropical rainforest
d) Tundra

Which of the biomes has the following characteristics: warm temperatures, moderate rainfall year round, very grassy and breezy, grazing mammals, zebras, antelopes, and few shrubs?
a) Marine
b) Freshwater
c) Grassland
d) temperate Deciduous Forest

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