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Contains commands for working with the document, organized by tabs.
a) ribbon
b) status bar
c) quick access toolbar
d) view buttons

Contains buttons (icons) for common commands.
a) quick access toolbar
b) ribbon
c) status bar
d) view buttons

Shows were text will appear when you begin typing
a) insertion point
b) status bar
c) ribbon
d) view buttons

Displays information about the current document and process.
a) status bar
b) insertion point
c) ribbon
d) quick access toolbar

Allow you to change views quickly.
a) view buttons
b) quick access toolbar
c) status bar
d) insertion point

File containing the information that varies in each document when doing a mail merge
a) data source
b) main document
c) template
d) merge fields

The document with the information that does not change
a) main document
b) data source
c) mail merge
d) template

Placeholders that are replaced with data from the data source
a) merge fields
b) data source
c) template
d) main document

Combines a document with information that personalizes it.
a) mail merge
b) template
c) merge fields
d) main document

A file that already contains the basic elements of a document, such as page and paragraph formatting, fonts, and text.
a) template
b) mail merge
c) main document
d) data source

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