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San Jacinto was-
a) The last battle of the Civil War
b) The first Battle of the American Revolution
c) The last battle of the Texas Revolution
d) The first battle of the American Revolution

7.D Lyndon Johnson is responsible for-
a) signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964
b) Granting citizenship to immigrants
c) ending slavery
d) increasing the minimum wage

7.c When did women get the right to vote?
a) 1850
b) 1964
c) 1920
d) 1557

Father Francisco Hidalgo was
a) the man who started the American Civil War
b) a empresario who brought 300 people to Texas
c) Father who tried to recruit the help of the Louisiana Governor to build missions
d) The leader of the Confederacy

The Old Three Hundred-
a) was a group of Texas soldiers that died at the Alamo
b) Settlers brought in from the US into Texas
c) The ancestors of Stephen F. Austin
d) Poor Texas settlers

7.D What minority group does LULAC support
a) Japanese-Americans
b) Native Americans
c) African Americans
d) Hispanics

7.D What does CORE stand fore
a) constitutional office of race and equality
b) communication of race and ethnicity
c) Congress of Racial Equality
d) Congregation of Racial Excellence

7.C The temperance movement-
a) was a movement towards Jazz
b) was trying to end the drinking of alcohol
c) tried to make all people more understanding of minorities
d) tried to end smoking

6.B What was cowboy life like?
a) Exciting and dangerous
b) Boring and safe
c) safe and exciting
d) boring and dangerous

6.A Buffalo soldiers were-
a) Buffalo hunters
b) African American soldiers
c) Native American hunters
d) The best equipped soldiers in the US Army

5.B What is the 14th amendment?
a) Gave all people citizenship
b) Gave women the right to vote
c) Ended slavery
d) Gave all citizens the right to vote

5.B What did the 15th amendment grant?
a) Gave all citizens the right to vote
b) Ended slavery
c) Gave women the right to vote
d) Gave all people citizenship

5.B What is sharecropping?
a) Native Americans shared crops with the Anglos
b) African Americans were put on a never ending cycle of poverty
c) Anglo Americans and Native Americans farmed together in northern plantations
d) Anglo Americans owned both African and Native American slaves

5.B Which of the following is true about poll taxes and literacy tests?
a) All citizens were forced to do this
b) It was based on the large number of voting frauds in the US
c) It was a method used to segregate African Americans
d) This practice was happening in all parts of the United States

5.B What did the 13th amendment grant?
a) Gave women the right to vote
b) Ended slavery
c) Gave all people citizenship
d) Gave all citizens the right to vote

6.A How did Anglo-American settlements affect Native Americans?
a) It allowed NA to become closer to them
b) It decreased the NA population heavily
c) It helped the Native Americans become a stronger society
d) Anglo American population began to decrease

5.A When did the Civil War happen?
a) 1950-1954
b) 1861-1865
c) 1513-1516
d) 1776-1780

5.A Which of the following is NOT a reason for the beginning of the American Civil War?
a) The Expansion of slavery
b) the election of Abraham Lincoln
c) State's rights
d) Tariffs

5.B What was the Reconstruction era?
a) the time before the civil war were everyone was tense due to slavery expanding
b) the time of social change in the 20's
c) A time of economic instability
d) The period after the civil war where African-Americans were achieving equality

The Battle of Gonzales was about-
a) Santa-Ana wanting to destroy the Alamo
b) Mexican forces retrieving a cannon
c) the end of the Texas Revolution
d) The first battle of the Texas Revolution

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