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Which of the following is an effect of Plate tectonic movements?
a) Changes in the seasons
b) The physical topography of a mountainous region
c) The wide variety of biomes in an area
d) The amount of Precipitation an area receives

A Population distribution map would show that most people in the world live
a) In the Western Hemisphere
b) In a mountainous region
c) Near Fresh water supply
d) Near oil reserves

The Western side of a mountain receives
a) Frequent Hurricanes
b) Less precipitation
c) Heavy rain
d) A lot of snow

What can be concluded about human settlements from the following sentence? World History most people have lived in various climates and regions, such as deserts , grasslands, savannas, islands, etc...
a) People create similar governments
b) People have similar jobs or occupations in different regions
c) People prefer to live alone in isolation
d) People adapt to various physical settings

The dry ( leward side of the mountain) is called:
a) Grassland
b) Rain Shadow
c) El Nino
d) Tundra

After an Earthquake a giant ocean wave is created. What is the name for that wave?
a) Aftershock
b) High Tide
c) Tsunami
d) Ring of Fire

A large flat area is called a:
a) Plain
b) Rain forest
c) Island
d) Peninsula

Deserts, Mountains, and Tropical Rain forest affect regions by:
a) Encouraging invasions
b) Increasing social mobility
c) Isolating People and Cultures
d) Promoting Political Reform

Which two factors have an effect on climate?
a) Mountainous barriers and arable land
b) Soil Type and altitude
c) Longitude and Vegetation
d) Latitude and distance from water

What physical process is responsible for creating the Himalayan Mountains?
a) Water Flows
b) Plate Tectonics
c) Erosion
d) Glaciation

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