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Dorothy enjoys doing this in her spare time
a) Dancing
b) Gardening
c) Karate
d) Sand buggy racing

Dorothy's favorite online class to teach is related to...
a) Website design
b) History
c) Writing
d) Carpentry

If you met Dorothy in a dark alley you would most likely...
a) Flee in terror because she carries a huge metal ruler to keep students in line
b) Shake her hand and find a joke buzzer in it
c) Let her know that you're in her online class
d) Ask her for directions because she has one of those faces

Dorothy has been in eLearning Services at Francis Tuttle for...
a) Longer than the boy king ruled Egypt
b) Since the birth of our nation
c) As long as the Sahara desert's sands are deep
d) Almost 10 years

The most likely place to find Dorothy on a warm summer evening is...
a) Waterskiing on Lake Mead
b) Sitting with her feet up in front of a toasty fire
c) In front of her computer typing an email message to an online student
d) Playing bocce ball on an ice skating rink

If Dorothy were a vegetable she'd probably be...
a) A carrot
b) A brussel sprout
c) A cauliflower
d) A split pea (Don't you dare choose this one. I'm not THAT crazy.)

Dorothy reminds me of...
a) No one. I haven't met her yet.
b) An online instructor
c) My aunt Alice (Wait. I don't have an Aunt Alice.)
d) Me

How many of these questions do I have to answer? (After all, I don't know Dorothy yet.)
a) None. (Take a "C" and call it good.)
b) As many as it takes to answer all 10.
c) You mean I was supposed to be answering questions?
d) Zero. Nada. Zip. None.

How would you best prefer to communicate with Dorothy in this online Class?
a) By telephone
b) In person
c) Online
d) Choose online. After all, it is an online course. :-)

Dorothy is...
a) Mickey's apprentice.
b) The first person to fly solo around the world.
c) Sleeping right now.
d) A published author, educator, manager, and happy to be here in this online course with you

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