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During a science class experiment, a teacher places a small amount of sugar in a spoon and heats it over a candle. Which of the following would be the BEST evidence that a change in chemical properties of the sugar has been taken?
a) The sugar gets hotter.
b) The sugar gets black.
c) The sugar gets larger.
d) The sugar turns into a colorless liquid.

Vanessa had a beaker with a small amount of baking soda. She added a few drops of vinegar and observed fizzing and bubbling. Based on her observation, which of these can Vanessa determine about the new substance formed?
a) It was hot
b) It was a gas
c) It was magnetic
d) It was a conductor

Which of the following examples represents the greatest amount of potential energy?
a) A screen door spring fully stretched.
b) water flowing through a hose.
c) yeast growing in a Petri dish.
d) a helium balloon rising in the air.

Ms. Watts throws a basketball up in the air and through the hoop. Because the ball is acted on by the force of gravity, the ball will......
a) slow down, change direction, and then speed up until it hits the ground.
b) speed up, change direction, and then slow down until it hits the ground.
c) travel at the same speed and same direction until it hits the ground.
d) change direction and travel at the same speed until it hits the ground.

A toy car rolls 8 meters in 2 seconds. What is the average speed of the toy car?
a) 16 m/s
b) 10 m/s
c) 6 m/s
d) 4 m/s

Ms. Domol is taking her baby for a walk in the stroller. The amount of force that Ms. Domol must use to make the stroller move MOST likely depends on the stroller's.....
a) direction
b) distance
c) mass
d) velocity

When a car is on an icy roadway, it is difficult to control its motion. Which statement best explains this phenomenon?
a) The spinning force of the tires pushes the car in the opposite direction.
b) The input force exceeds the output force.
c) The ice supplies an unbalanced force to the car's tires.
d) The icy road does not supply enough friction to the car's tires.

A group of students is determining the density of a solid cube of plastic. The most appropriate set of tools for this activity would be a........
a) centimeter ruler and a beaker
b) centimeter ruler and a balance
c) graduated cylinder and a thermometer
d) graduated cylinder and a centimeter ruler

What is the smallest particle of an element?
a) compound
b) atom
c) molecule
d) solution

Water can be represented by the chemical formula H^2O. What does the letter O represent in this formula?
a) The O represents water in only its liquid state.
b) The O represents the number of elements in the compound.
c) The O represents a single atom of oxygen in the compound.
d) The O represents a compound that is only found on Earth.

The independent variable is MOST often found on which part of a graph?
a) data table
b) x axis
c) y axis
d) z axis

Which of the following data would be MOST suitable to show in a line graph?
a) The process of change between the types of rocks in the rock cycle.
b) The different types of minerals in a rock sample.
c) The shape and arrangement of leaves from different types of trees.
d) The daily growth of a tadpole over a 1 week period.

If I gave you the tool of a graduated cylinder and told you the SI unit was the liter.........what would be the measurement you would be looking for?
a) liquid
b) volume
c) weight
d) pressure

What measurement, instrument, and unit would you use to measure the amount of matter in an object?
a) mass, triple beam balance, gram
b) volume, graduated cylinder, mililiter
c) length, metric ruler, centimeter
d) weight, balance beam, ounces

Joes's science teacher gave him 10 grams of an unknown solid and asked him the properties that would help him identify it. Joe found that the substance was malleable and readily conducted heat and electricity. This was a sample of........
a) an element
b) a nonmetal
c) a metal
d) a gas

Which SI units are used for volume?
a) meter, kilometer, millimeter
b) liter, milliliter, cm^3
c) gram, kilogram, miligram
d) inch, feet, yard

If 30g of liquid occupy a space of 5mL, what is the density of the liquid?
a) 5 g/mL
b) 30 g/cm^3
c) 6 g/mL
d) 6mL

Mr. Mendoza is in the lab and washes half of the beakers with soap and half with plain water. Which is the independent variable? ( The variable we purposely change)
a) The substance the beakers were cleaned with
b) The person washing the beakers
c) How clean the beakers were after washing
d) The reason the beakers were dirty

I contain only one type of atom, I cannot be broken down, and I can exist as a single atom or in molecules. What am I?
a) matter
b) elements
c) products
d) compounds

A lab activity required the use of two clear liquids, distilled water, and hydrochloric acid. Sally noticed that there were two unlabeled beakers filled with clear liquids at her lab station. What should Sally do next?
a) Smell each beaker to determine which one is filled with distilled water.
b) Place a drop of each liquid on her fingertips and rub her fingers together.
c) Add one drop of liquid from one beaker onto the surface of the other beaker and observe.
d) Ask the teacher for further directions.

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