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The “baby boom” that followed World War II contributed to
a) the cult of classical music in the 1960s.
b) the increase in the student population of the 1960s.
c) traditional restrictions of behavior during the 1960s.
d) none of the above

Who published a book in 1962 that started the environmental movement?
a) Ralph Nader
b) Rachel Carson
c) Olga Owens Huckins
d) Betty Friedan

The theory that men and women are politically, socially, and economically equal is called
a) the feminine mystique.
b) feminism.
c) equal rights.
d) women’s rights.

Cesar Chávez gained prominence when he
a) was the first Latino congressman from the state of California.
b) formed the political party La Raza Unida.
c) wrote a book about the plight of migrant farm workers.
d) helped organize a union for migrant farm workers.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Asian Americans
a) made economic gains but continued to face discrimination.
b) progressed at about the same pace economically as in earlier decades.
c) lagged behind in economic development.
d) lagged behind in education but advanced economically.

Dennis Banks and George Mitchell were known for all of the following except
a) activism in the American Indian Movement.
b) focusing on problems for Native Americans living in cities.
c) fighting for legal rights for Native Americans.
d) passive resistance against the U.S. government.

. At the Woodstock festival, 400,000 people gathered for
a) a major peaceful demonstration.
b) a rock concert that turned violent.
c) a peaceful concert of major rock bands.
d) a controlled, scientific experiment with drugs.

A major theme of the book Silent Spring, which helped start the environmental movement
a) human beings are superior to the nature around them.
b) human beings and nature are separate but equal.
c) human beings and nature are separate and unequal.
d) humans are part of nature, and all parts of nature interact.

Ralph Nader is most closely associated with the
a) environmental movement.
b) consumer movement.
c) American Indian Movement.
d) United Farm Workers.

As a result of their experiences in the civil rights movement, many women learned the importance of
a) writing books about women.
b) taking advantage of legal tools.
c) leaving policy decisions to men.
d) keeping quiet about controversial issues.

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