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Which of the following is not an environmental function of wetlands?
a) Increasing runoff
b) Absorbing and removing pollutants from water
c) Trapping carbon that would otherwise be released into the air
d) Controlling floods

Swamps are commonly found on
a) Rocky hillsides
b) Flat, poorly drained land
c) Forest clearings
d) Bottoms of ponds or lakes

The majority of marine organism are found in
a) Deep ocean waters
b) Shallow coastal waters
c) fisheries
d) None of the above

As they flow down a mountain to flatter ground, rivers generally become
a) Wider
b) Warmer
c) Slower
d) All of the above

Which of the following statements is NOT correct?
a) Lakes may contain a region that receives little sunlight.
b) Wetlands help remove pollutants from water.
c) Swamps are dominated by woody shrubs and water-loving trees.
d) Rivers generally move faster, and their oxygen levels decrease, as they near the ocean.

The types of organisms found in a pond or lake depend on
a) the amount of sunlight available.
b) the temperature of the water.
c) the presence of nutrients.
d) All of the above

In the ________ zone, life is diverse and abundant.
a) Benthic
b) Eutrophic
c) Littoral
d) Plankton

In the _______ zone, the water is cool and dark.
a) Benthic
b) Eutrophic
c) Littoral
d) Plankton

Which organism produces most of the food in an aquatic ecosystem?
a) Fish
b) Barnacles
c) Phytoplankton
d) Zooplankton

Which of the following is NOT characteristic of wetlands?
a) Wetlands have plentiful nutrients and the capacity for photosynthesis
b) Wetlands are limited to inland freshwater environments
c) Wetlands are perceived historically as disease-infested wastelands
d) Wetlands have varied populations of plants and animals

An estuary functions as a mineral trap due to
a) its great depth and particularly sticky sediment
b) the mixing action of river water and ocean water
c) its storing of pesticides from agricultural runoff
d) the filtering action of bottom-feeding fish species

What are two main types of freshwater wetlands?
a) Lakes and ponds
b) Rivers and streams
c) Littoral zones and benthic zones
d) Marshes and swamps

Which of the following is NOT characteristic of salt marshes and mangrove swamps?
a) Both provide habitats for wildlife
b) Both are dominated by marsh grasses
c) Both are found along coastal areas
d) Both are threatened by development

Which of the following is a threat to coral reefs?
a) Oil spills
b) Sewage
c) Pesticides
d) All of the above

Why doesn't photosynthesis occur in deep ocean water?
a) The water temperature is too cold
b) There is no sunlight
c) There are not enough nutrients
d) The salinity level of the water is too high

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