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Explain why animals hibernate in the winter.
a) To conserve energy
b) To escape the cold
c) There is a lack of food in winter.
d) Both to conserve energy and because there is a lack of food in winter.

What do you think would change an ecosystem the least?
a) A forest fire
b) A plant disease
c) One organism dying out of the ecosystem
d) A hunting season

In an ocean, how could humans harm an ecosystem?
a) Oil spill
b) Dumping toxic chemicals
c) Over fishing
d) All of the answers

What does an herbivore eat?
a) Just plants
b) Neiter plants or animals
c) Plants and animals
d) Just animals

What do a carnivore and an omnivore have in common?
a) They both eat plants.
b) Neither eats plants.
c) They both eat meat and plants.
d) They both eat meat.

Why do animals migrate?
a) To escape a predator
b) To escape the cold
c) To find a job
d) To find food

Explain why a polar bear can survive in the arctic, but not in the desert
a) It's fur doesn't camoflage with the desert environment, but it does in the arctic.
b) It's too big for the desert.
c) It's fur makes the desert too warm of a climate, but just right in the arctic.
d) For camouflage in the arctic, and to survive the cold weather.

What is a food web?
a) A spider\'s home
b) A group of ecosystems
c) A group of similar animals
d) A set of linked food chains

What is the source of energy for all living things?
a) A battery
b) The sun
c) A tree
d) The Earth's core

What structural parts help a bird to survive?
a) Beak
b) Wings
c) Beak and Wings
d) A small stomach

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