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____ Causes air to be denser near Earth's surface.
a) gravity
b) temperature
c) condensation
d) evaporation

Which of the following includes all of the water on or near earth's located
a) geosphere
b) hydrosphere
c) atmosphere
d) lithosphere

Where is most of the fresh water on Earth located?
a) in reservoirs and lakes
b) in ice caps and glaciers
c) in oceans
d) in streams and tributaries

Surface currents circulate in different directions, depending on the ________ in which they occur.
a) hemisphere
b) troposphere
c) hydrosphere
d) biosphere

The energy in most ecosystems comes from
a) green plants
b) the sun
c) wind
d) all the above

Organisms can adapt
a) to their physical surroundings
b) to other organisms
c) both a and b
d) neither a or b

Which of the following describes soil and temperature in the ecosystem?
a) abiotic factors
b) biotic factors
c) unnecessary factors
d) selection factors

Which of the following best describes a population?
a) members of the same species living in the same place at the same time
b) all the red birds in an area
c) all the types of organisms living in the same place
d) all members of the same species

Which of the following is not a biotic factor in an ecosystem?
a) roots
b) insects
c) leaves
d) air

If you visited a savanna, you would likely see...
a) large herds of grazing animals, such as rhinos, gazelles, and giraffes.
b) a dense forest
c) snow and ice
d) a coastal ecosystem

Which of the following best describes a tropical rain forest?
a) dense, thick, soil that supports a dense layer of plants on the forest floor
b) species of animals with specialized ways of surviving in order to avoid competition
c) very few species of trees, due to poor soil quality
d) plants and animals that are very similar dues to year-round warmth and moisture

Animals that live in the desert
a) hibernate in winter
b) are usually nocturnal
c) usually have thin skin to absorb water
d) include camels, meese, and various reptiles

Deserts are
a) covered with sand and contain no plant life
b) found only in North America
c) often formed on the dry side of mountain ranges
d) never located in cooler climates

The tundra
a) has a layer of soil that is permanently frozen beneath the top soil
b) is too cold to support insect life
c) is resistant to environmental damage because it is usually frozen
d) all the above

a) contain two ecosystems, hence the name 'biome'
b) are usually described by their vegetation
c) exist in limited regions of the world
d) all the above

Which of the following is an adaptation of coniferous trees in the taiga?
a) They have a sallow root system, due to the acidic soil.
b) They have leaves that retain water, due to their shape and waxy coating
c) They have a unique overall shape in order to accumulate snow, which acts as a heavy insulating layer
d) all of the above

Adaptions demonstrated by plants in tropical rain forests include
a) trees with aboveground roots called buttresses, which increase stability
b) orchids and vines that use tall tree trunks for support
c) herbs with large flat leaves located in the under story
d) all of the above

The main factor that determines what type of plants grow in a biome is
a) temperature
b) precipitation
c) altitude
d) both a and b

You are walking through a forest that gets large amounts of rain, has high humidity, and has moderate temperatures year-around. Where might you be?
a) somewhere near the equator
b) near the artic circle
c) in a forest with the greatest species diversity
d) the Pacific Northwest

Adaptions of desert animals that help them survive in the hot, dry, desert often include
a) searching for water at midday
b) thin skin that readily absorbs water
c) large, bulky size to retain body heat on cold nights
d) searching for food at night

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