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What did Circe do to Odysseus's men?
a) Swallowed them up in the whirlpool.
b) Fed them Lotus flowers and made them want to stay.
c) Ate them - six of them - one from each ship.
d) Turned them to swine.

Which of the following is NOT a trait of an epic hero?
a) The hero faces a quest or challenge.
b) The hero has super powers.
c) The hero typically is affected by gods or supernatural beings.
d) The hero typically visits a supernatural or underworld.

Odysseus does not kill the Cyclops when he first has the opportunity because...
a) he's too weak to move the stone door and does not want to be trapped inside.
b) he's afraid.
c) he's curious about the giant and wants to get to know him better.
d) there were too many Cyclops around and he was outnumbered.

Who was the epic hero in this story?
a) Athena
b) Odysseus
c) Zeus
d) Telemachus

Choose a phrase that best defines epic simile.
a) A figure of speech in which one thing is spoken of as if it were something else
b) Literary technique that involves differences in meaning and intention
c) A work done in imitation of another
d) A long elaborate comparison between two dissimilar objects or actions

Who was the immortal that helped Odysseus by disguising him and helping him defeat the suitors?
a) Aelous
b) Poseidon
c) Athena
d) Ares

Dramatic irony refers to a situation in which the reader knows more than the character does. Which of the following events is an example of dramatic irony?
a) Telemachus does not recognize that the stranger is his father.
b) Telemachus returns to Ithaca unharmed
c) Athena provides Odysseus with new clothes and a younger appearance.

The Odyssey includes all of the following themes EXCEPT -
a) Loyalty to friends and family
b) Overcoming obstacles
c) The importance of truth
d) The relationship between gods and humans

Odysseus proves himself to Penelope by revealing the secret of ______________.
a) Their son
b) His bow
c) His boat
d) Their bed

The story that is credited to Homer that precedes the Odyssey and discusses the Trojan War is called...
a) Song of Roland
b) Aeneid
c) The Iliad
d) The Hobbit

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