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Which is an example of perceptual region?
a) Chicago Metropolitan Area
b) Old South
c) Texas
d) region with same climate

The Amazon River Basin is considered a region, why?
a) The Amazon rain forest has many different animals and plants
b) it has the Amazon river runnig through it
c) has different climate, topography, and plant life throught the area
d) similarity of climate, topography, and plant life throughout region

What is GPS used for?
a) digital mapping
b) shopping
c) navigation while traveling
d) prevent wrecks

What is an example of a funtional region
a) Houston metroplolitan area
b) Northern Brazil
c) Old South
d) sunblet states

Physical factors that help constitute a region
a) mountains, river, religion
b) vegetation, political unit, weather
c) vegetation, climate, land, and water forms
d) river systems, religion, language

What is an area with one or more features that sets it apart from other areas?
a) country
b) region
c) climate zone
d) religion

What are factors that help identify a region?
a) time zone, cities, topography
b) religion, language, topography, forests
c) language, water systems, culture
d) climate, poltical units, vegetaion, language

When tectonic plates colide what forms?
a) mountains
b) lakes
c) glaciers
d) valleys

Most people live where?
a) in the country side
b) rural areas
c) near fresh water
d) Antarctica

Are humans able to adapt to many different physical surroundings?
a) no
b) yes
c) maybe
d) no way

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