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The height of an object above sea level is?
a) Altitude
b) Climate
c) Parallel
d) Latitude

n a belt around the Earth near the equator are ______
a) Taiga
b) Temperate rainforest
c) Tropical rainforests
d) Temperate Deciduous Forests

North America, Australia, and New Zealand have what kind of forests?
a) Tropical Rainforests
b) Temperate Rainforests

Monkeys, snakes, and bats live in which layer of the rain forests?
a) Canopy
b) Emergent
c) Epiphytes
d) Understory

What biome do Snowshoe hares live in?
a) Taiga
b) Both
c) Tundra

What biome has short plants with shallow roots?
a) Tundra
b) Taiga
c) Desert

How are climates of a biome determined?
a) Temperature
b) Precipitation
c) Both

How much rain do tropical rain forests get a year?
a) 200-450 cm
b) 200-500 c,
c) 100-350

What is the top layer of the rain forest?
a) Emergent
b) Canopy
c) Epiphytes

What is a biome that is dominated by grasses and has very few trees?
a) Savanna
b) Temperate Grasslands

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