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Review Of Content Of The Scientific Process, Light, Sound, Motion And Machines, The Solar System, And Cycles And Patterns In Space.[print questions]

Shadows are blocked by _______ objects.
a) opaque
b) translucent
c) rainbow-colored
d) transparent

These planets are made of rock.
a) Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter
b) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
c) Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
d) Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

Transparent objects...
a) allow all light to pass though them.
b) block all light from passing through them.
c) scatter light in many different directions.
d) absorb light.

How is pitch measured?
a) Pitch is measured with a ruler.
b) Pitch is measured in units of frequency.
c) Pitch is measured in inches.
d) Pitch is measured by how loud a sound is.

A _______ is used to split a log.
a) wheel and axle
b) screw
c) wedge
d) inclined plane

This object produce its own light in our solar system.
a) A Planet
b) A Moon
c) The asteroid belt
d) A Star

When you have completed a scientific inquiry, it is important that you...
a) make more observations.
b) make less observations.
c) change your hypothesis.
d) share your results with other scientists and the community.

What force causes all objects to fall to Earth when they are thrown up in the air?
a) Force
b) Friction
c) Gravity
d) Velocity

Why does Neptune have a longer year than all the other planets?
a) Neptune is closest to the Sun.
b) Neptune is a gas giant.
c) Neptune is an inner planet.
d) Neptune is farthest from the Sun.

How does light travel?
a) Light travels as waves in a straight path.
b) Light travels on a bus.
c) Light does not travel anywhere.
d) Light moves around objects.

If you gently tap a glass with a metal spoon, which makes a higher pitched sound?
a) A tall, full glass of water.
b) A tall, 1/2 full glass of water.
c) A tall, 1/4 glass of water.
d) A tall, empty glass.

Objects which are opaque...
a) allow all light to pass through them.
b) allow some light to pass through them.
c) scatter light when light strikes their surface.
d) block light creating a shadow to form resembling the shape of the opaque object.

Edward cannot remember what is the next step in the experiment he is conducting in the lab. Which Lab Safety rule should he follow?
a) He should not bring foo d or drink into the lab.
b) He should clean up his area and wash his hands.
c) He should make sure he is neat and organized.
d) He should carefully read the teacher's lab instructions.

The solar system is made up of...
a) Earths, moons, belts and stars
b) The Sun, planets, moons, and other objects that orbit the Sun.
c) Asteroids, comets, black holes, and dark matter.
d) The Milky Way, asteroid belt, craters and mountains.

The closest 4 planets to the Sun (in order) are...
a) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
b) Mercury, Pluto, Venus, Ceres
c) Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
d) Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Pluto

A simple machine that changes a downward force to an upward force is a...
a) Pulley
b) Lever
c) Screw
d) Wedge

How do you see objects around you?
a) Light absorbs into objects which lets you see them.
b) You see objects because light is bent out of them.
c) You see objects when light bounces off them into your eyes.
d) You see objects when light is refracted.

Which is the correct order of the planets from the Sun?
a) Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Mars
b) Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter
c) Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter
d) Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter

When collecting data during an experiment it is important to...
a) keep careful records of the results of the experiment.
b) carefully remember the results of the experiment.
c) ignore the results that do not match your hypothesis.
d) wait for interesting results.

If the frequency of sound is low and slow, how is sound affected?
a) The sound is loud.
b) The amplitude is high.
c) The volume is low.
d) The pitch is low.

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