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• The government of South Africa changed laws about land divisions after which political system ended?
a) apartheid
b) dictatorship
c) segregation
d) democracy

• Which of these men is best known for leading the movement to end apartheid in South Africa?
a) Mandela
b) DeKlerk
c) Kenyatta
d) MLK Jr

• What role did F.W. de Klerk have in South Africa's apartheid era?
a) he helped end apartheid
b) he led protets against DeKlerk
c) he was the first black president of South Africa
d) he helped black Africans secretly escape

• Why did apartheid in South Africa end during the 1990’s?
a) o White leaders decided that the policy was hurting the country’s economy and international reputation.
b) o The African National Congress began calling for its dismantling and the United Nations responded.
c) o It never succeeded in the segregating Africans from whites.
d) o It had accomplished all of its goals by that time.

• He spent most of his life fighting apartheid in South Africa. He was a prominent member of the ANC. He was imprisoned for 27 years for protesting the laws of apartheid. He later became president of South Africa.
a) Mandela
b) DeKlerk
c) Kenyatta
d) Nyere

laws to enforce segregation in South Africa
a) apartheid
b) pan africanism
c) nationalism
d) imperialism

• There were four racial classifications established under apartheid in South Africa. What was the impact of these classifications?
a) o Blacks were the majority of the population and suffered the most.
b) o All races had large populations but unequal access to public facilities.
c) o White South Africans were oppressed and denied equal treatment.
d) o Only Asians and Coloreds were negatively affected by the classifications.

Which of the following statements is true regarding the Union of South Africa in 1910?
a) • Blacks and whites did not have equal rights.
b) • All people were given British citizenship
c) • Blacks had more political power than whites.
d) • All people living there were given an equal share of land.

• South Africans formed the African National Congress (ANC) in order to
a) o unite South Africans to fight for greater civil rights for blacks.
b) o draw more Europeans to South Africa to oppress black people.
c) o promote segregation amongst blacks and whites.
d) o force white Europeans out of the homelands.

• Which political party took power after the end of the apartheid government in South Africa?
a) • the South African Communist Party
b) • the African National Congress
c) • the Democratic Alliance
d) • the New National Party

• Seeks to unify African citizens • Tries to make African countries more independent • Believes Africans across the continent share common bonds and connections
a) pan african movement
b) nationalism
c) apartheid
d) imperialism

• Which of these organizations evolved out of the Pan-Africa movement?
b) The Africa Union
c) The African National Congress
d) The system of apartheid

what is the impact of pan-africanism?
a) it has sought to unify Africans around the world
b) economies use it to trade
c) it has led to civil war and corruption in Africa
d) it has not had an effect outside of Africa

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