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• What was one of the challenges faced by Nigeria after it gained independence from Great Britain in 1960?
a) • There was conflict between the different ethnic groups.
b) • Nigeria's population declined rapidly.
c) • Nigeria was isolated from other parts of the world.
d) • There were no natural resources in the country.

nationalism is when a
a) nation illustrates an extreme sense of pride
b) nation breaks apart
c) nation takes over another land
d) nation is taken over by another country

What did the nationalist movements in Nigeria and South Africa have in common?
a) o Both achieved independence without war.
b) o Both remained colonies of Europe
c) o Both defeated Great Britain with military force
d) o Apartheid was established in both countries.

• Which of these did NOT occur as a result of European partitioning of Africa during the 1800s and 1900s? (SS7H1a)
a) regional peace
b) conflict
c) civil war
d) artificial political boundaries

• Fighting between two or more groups or regions in the same country is referred to as
a) civil war
b) apartheid
c) genocide
d) nationalism

• As the European powers grew more industrialized, their need for colonies became very important as sources of
a) raw materials
b) slaves
c) new inventions
d) military prestige

• ______________________ is the forced control of one nation by another nation
a) imperialism
b) colonialism
c) apartheid
d) nationalism

• In 1946 British colonial authorities merged southern and northern Sudan into a single administrative region. what led to regional conflict
a) artificial political boundaries
b) apartheid
c) civil war
d) the pan African movement

The purpose of the Berlin Conference was to discuss
a) the partitioning of Africa
b) America’s independence from Britain
c) the best trade routes in Germany
d) world issues and conflict

The partitioning of Africa…
a) led to much conflict and civil war
b) led to regional peace
c) led to the end of apartheid
d) forced Mandela to 27 years of prison

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