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Something that has the power to attract iron or steel is _______.
a) prophetic
b) majestic
c) frenetic
d) magnetic

Scientist who study animals to learn about their lives and behavior are ____.
a) flutist
b) biologists
c) economists
d) geologists

A group of a particular type of animal that lives together is a ______.
a) herd
b) fern
c) brim
d) herb

Suffering or death that is caused by not having enough to eat is ______.
a) donation
b) reservation
c) starvation
d) destination

A view across an area of land is called a _______.
a) seascape
b) landscape
c) backcloth
d) sand dune

There is something ___ about a sunrise.
a) forgivable
b) successful
c) inspiring
d) studious

A long trip from one place to another that is usually over a long distance is a __.
a) destination
b) determination
c) journal
d) journey

The _____ dog barked at the stranger.
a) exact
b) fierce
c) rigid
d) fresh

Anna brushes her ____ hair.
a) suspicious
b) lucky
c) shiny
d) ready

There is nothing ______ with asking a question.
a) warm
b) blunt
c) older
d) wrong

It is ____ to say please and thank you.
a) rude
b) polite
c) casual
d) rough

Henry wore blue ____ pants to school.
a) positive
b) younger
c) gloomy
d) denim

Can you think of someplace ____ we can visit?
a) special
b) polite
c) vague
d) rusty

Some migrating animals find their way because they _______.
a) have a built-in compass
b) have traveled the same roads for years
c) go in the direction the wind blows
d) travel very slowly and carefully

The barren-ground caribou most like to eat _____.
a) worms
b) lichen
c) small animals
d) nuts and berries

The Arctic tundra is located _______.
a) in the icy, snowy regions of the southern hemisphere, near the South Pole
b) next to the rain forests of South America, close to Brazil
c) near the dry, rocky, and isolated deserts of Asia and Northern Africa
d) in the cold, treeless regions of northern Asia, Europe, and North America

The barren-ground caribou move south because they want _______.
a) to find a mate
b) to return home
c) to avoid starvation
d) more space to run around

The caribou go back to the northern Arctic to have their babies because ____.
a) it is safer there
b) it is prettier there
c) it is much warmer there
d) there are fewer animals there

The caribou travel ________.
a) in pairs
b) in large herds
c) on their own
d) with wolves and bears

Monarch butterflies spend the winter in _________.
a) Canada
b) the open sea
c) Mexico
d) the northern United States

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