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The ozone layer is located in the?
a) stratosphere
b) ionsphere
c) thermosphere
d) troposphere

Large- scale atmosphere phenomena caused by air that is constantly in motion is known as
a) conduction
b) convection
c) weather
d) hurricanes

The Richter scale best describes the
a) location of a wave
b) frequency of a wave
c) duration of an earthquake
d) magnitude of an earthquake

How did the Himalaya Mountains form
a) erosion
b) convection
c) glacial movements
d) colliding tectonic plates

What are wind and water erosion not likely to affect?
a) mountains
b) rocks
c) tides
d) soil

Which of the following are producers of oxygen?
a) plants
b) animals
c) automobiles
d) industries

The term 'biodiversity' refers to
a) the number of species living on Earth
b) the number and variety of species living on earth
c) the number and variety of species that are considered renewable
d) the number and variety of species that live in an area

Hardin's 'Tragedy of Commons' essay address the conflicts associated with what environmental challenge?
a) preventing pollution
b) preserving biodiversity
c) curbing overpopulation
d) protecting shared resources

Listing both the merits and expenses involved in implementing a particular environmental solution is an example of a(n)
a) cost-benefit
b) risk assesment
c) ecological overpopulation
d) market equalibrium

The Tragedy of The Commons describes the conflict between
a) Developing and developed nations
b) Farmers and industrial society
c) Individuals and society
d) Canada and Mexico

Most of today's environmental problems began during which period in human history?
a) hunter-gather period
b) agricultural revolution
c) Industrial Revolution
d) both a and c

Why is the world's loss of biodiversity a source of concern?
a) Humans depend upon other organisms for food and oxygen.
b) Species extinctions have been rare throughout history.
c) Loss of biodiversity is not a concern because extinctions are common.
d) Both (a) and (b).

All of these fields of study contribute to environmental science except
a) Linguistics
b) Biology and Earth Sciences
c) Social Sciences
d) Physics and Chemistry

The ______ was not a direct result of the Industrial Revolution.
a) overhunting of large mammals
b) shift in the use of fossil fuels
c) improved quality of life
d) growth of cites

Which of the following situations best describes the use of a renewable resource?
a) filling a car with gasoline
b) building wooden furniture
c) mining copper
d) burning coal in a power plant

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