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When did the Texans declare their Independence from Mexico?
a) March 2, 1836
b) November 3, 1835
c) October 2, 1835
d) March 16, 1836

Who led Texans to victory against Mexican troops at the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836?
a) Santa Anna
b) Sam Houston
c) Davy Crockett
d) Jim Bowie

The first clash between Texas colonists and Mexican authorities came in 1826 lead by ____.
a) Stephen F. Austin
b) the Edwards Brothers
c) Richard Fields
d) both b and c

What is believed to be the turning point in relations between the Mexican government and Texas colonists?
a) Fredonia Revolt
b) Santa Anna revolting against Mexico's emperor
c) the law of April 6, 1830
d) Turtle Bayou Resolutions

After winning the battles at Gonzales and Goliad, the Texans marched to ___ and laid siege.
a) Nacogdoches
b) Washington-on-the Brazos
c) San Felipe
d) San Antonio

What treaty was signed to end the war and recognize Texas as an independent nation?
a) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
b) Treaty of San Jacinto
c) Treaty of Velasco
d) Treaty of Gonzales

What role did George Childress play in the Texas Revolution?
a) He contributed to writing the Texas Constitution.
b) He served as the first governor of the state of Texas.
c) He was the first president of the independent Republic of Texas.
d) He was the primary author of the Texas Declaration of Independence.

Which factor was most influential in determining the location of many battles during the Texas Revolution?
a) the location of populated areas
b) the location of forests
c) the location of major seaports
d) the location of mineral deposits

Which event took place during the Revolutionary Era in Texas history?
a) Siege of the Alamo
b) Council House Fight
c) Election of Sam Houston
d) Settlement of Nacogdoches

The main purpose of the Law of April 6, 1830 was to —
a) block Mexicans from settling in Texas
b) end the trade between Texas and Mexico
c) prevent Texas from declaring independence
d) stop immigration from the United States to Texas

Which Texas leader surrendered and was executed along with his soldiers because of his defense of Goliad at the Battle of Coleto Creek?
a) Lorenzo de Zavala
b) James Fannin
c) Sam Houston
d) William Travis

How did the Battle of Gonzales contribute to the success of the Texas Revolution?
a) It motivated the United States to support the independence of Texas.
b) It showed the Mexican government that the Texas army was well armed and equipped.
c) It proved to Texans that the Mexican army could be defeated and independence achieved.
d) It demonstrated that few people could resist the superior military strength of the Mexican army.

In March of 1836, delegates met at Washington-on-the-Brazos intending to —
a) create a plan to defend the Alamo
b) design the “Come and Take It” flag
c) establish an independent government
d) negotiate a peace settlement with Mexico

The primary function of the Texas Rangers for the Republic of Texas was to —
a) built irrigation systems for Texas farmers
b) protect Texans from American Indian tribes
c) return fugitive enslaved people to Texas farms
d) establish a prison system for the Texas justice system

How did physical geography affect the outcome of the Battle of Coleto?
a) The open prairie allowed the Mexican army to surround Fannin and his men.
b) The dense forest provided protection for Fannin and his men from Mexican soldiers.
c) The deep canyon allowed the Mexican army to attack Fannin and his men from above.
d) The rolling valleys acted as a barrier when Fannin and his men tried to escape the fighting.

All the follow are true about Juan Seguin except
a) Sent as a messenger to warn Sam Houston about the Alamo
b) Remained with Sam Houston until the final battle of the Texas Revolution
c) Served as a Tejano representative in the State of the Republic
d) was born in the United States

Stephen F. Austin’s changing attitude towards fight for independence from Mexico. This change was brought about because of Austin’s —
a) arrest by Mexican officials
b) creation of the Mier y Terán report
c) work to pass the Law of April 6, 1830
d) participation in the Fredonian Rebellion

Where is the San Jacinto Monument located
a) Near Dallas
b) Near Houston
c) Near El Paso
d) Near Amarillo

Travis's Letter to the People of Texas and the United States was written to
a) notify Santa Anna that the men at the Alamo intended to fight
b) warn Sam Houston that Santa Anna’s army was approaching him
c) advise the citizens of Gonzales to take their cannon and evacuate
d) inform other Texans that reinforcements were needed at the Alamo

How did the Turtle Bayou Resolution help Santa Anna
a) align the colonist with Santa Anna
b) begin preparing to fight against Santa Anna
c) petition Santa Anna to grant them independence
d) call for the resignation of Santa Anna as president

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