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Because of its harsh climate, which country has to rely on desalination plants to provide most of its citizens' drinking water?
a) Israel
b) Turkey
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Syria

What are the three prominent religions in the Middle East?
a) Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity
b) Persian, Islam, Christianity
c) Judaism, Islam, Hinduism
d) Judaism, Islam, Christianity

What ethnic group lives in the mountains of Turkey and Iraq?
a) Jews
b) Arabs
c) Persians
d) Kurds

Where do most Middle Eastern Jews live?
a) Afghanistan
b) Iraq
c) Israel
d) Saudi Arabia

The majority of people in Southwest Asia belong to which ethnic group?
a) Jews
b) Arabs
c) Persians
d) Kurds

Today, most Iranians speak Farsi and belong to this ethnic group:
a) Persians
b) Kurds
c) Muslims
d) Hebrews

The oldest religion in Southwest Asia is
a) Islam
b) Judaism
c) Christanity
d) Buddhism

What issue led to the split between the Sunni and Shia Muslims?
a) The Shia wanted to change direction of prayer to Medina, rather than Mecca.
b) The Shia believed only Arabs could be Muslims, the Sunni did not.
c) They disagreed over who should lead Muslims after Muhammad died.
d) The Sunni wanted to change part of the Five Pillars.

What are the Five Pillars?
a) Five basic obligations that Muslims are supposed to do in their lives.
b) The first five books of the Qu'ran.
c) Five basic obligations that Jews are supposed to do in their lives.
d) Five basic beliefs shared by Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

Which best describes the religion of Arabs?
a) The majority of Arabs are Shia Muslims.
b) All Arabs are Sunni Muslims.
c) Most Arabs speak Farsi.
d) Most are Muslim, though there are also many Christians and those of other faiths.

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