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Southwest Asia, otherwise known as the Middle East, is a large region with many
a) grasslands and forests
b) deserts and plains
c) rain forests and deserts
d) plains and grasslands

Which two water sources make up the coats of Saudi Arabia?
a) Red Sea and Bering Sea
b) Persian Gulf and Red Sea
c) Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf
d) Red Sea and Arabian Sea

What rivers are like twin rivers flowing through Turkey and Iraq?
a) Jordan and Euphrates
b) Red and Jordan
c) Tigris and Jordan
d) Tigris and Euphrates

What are three major water problems in Southwest Asia?
a) Water shortages, unequal distribution, pollution
b) Flooding, pollution, dams
c) Too much ground water, aquifers, pollution
d) Water shortages, flooding, pllution

Why is the Suez Canal so important to international shipping?
a) It allows ships to get out of the Persian Gulf
b) It connects the Jordan River to the Persian Gulf, making it cheaper to ship oil to other parts of Southwest Asia
c) It makes it possible to get from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea without sailing to other parts of Southwest Asia
d) It is Iraq's only waterway to the Persian Gulf

This river is the key water source for Israel, Lebanon, and Syria?
a) Tigris River
b) Euphrates River
c) Jordan River
d) Suez River

Much of the world's oil supply is shipped through this narrow waterway?
a) Jordan River
b) Panama Canal
c) Strait of Hormuz
d) Persian Gulf

A man-made structure that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea
a) Suez Canal
b) Gaza Strip
c) Persian Gulf
d) Panama Canal

This small territory has been a source of dispute between Israel and its neighbors for many years?
a) Gaza Strip
b) Persian Gulf
c) Strait of Hormuz
d) Suez Canal

Southwest Asia is a large region with many different climates. How would you best describe the climates in this relgion
a) hot and very windy
b) hot and very rainy
c) hot and very dry
d) hot and very temperate

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