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The Zodiac was a serial killer active in the 1960’s in what state?
a) New York
b) Kentucky
c) California
d) Nevada

The man identified himself as who?
a) DB Cooper
b) Dan Cooper
c) Dani Cooper
d) Denni Cooper

Which of the following was NOT a demand by DB Cooper?
a) 200K in cash
b) four parachutes
c) a trip to New York
d) food for crew

In 1980, what was discovered by a young boy?
a) A parachute
b) Three stacks of cash
c) A hidden entrance to a secret home of DB Cooper
d) A corpse

DB Cooper is the only unsolved _______________ in American history.
a) Murder
b) Hijacking
c) Art theft
d) Kidnapping

By 2008, it was determined due to forensic evidence, that __________ were innocent.
a) Any Ramsey Family Member
b) Lou Smit
c) John Mark Kerr
d) George Costanza

JonBenet’s parents were criticized for her involvement in pageants saying they made her:
a) Sexualized
b) Work as a child
c) Do something she didn’t want to do
d) The moneymaker in the family

Immediately the police and the media focused on who as the primary suspect(s)?
a) Burke Ramsey
b) John and Patsy Ramsey
c) An intruder
d) Lou Smit

All of the following were mistakes made by police, EXCEPT:
a) Not sealing off a crime scene
b) Allowing people to go through the house
c) Not gathering forensic evidence off her body
d) They didn’t contact the kidnappers

How did JonBenet die?
a) Strangulation
b) Stabbing
c) Gunshot
d) Poison

JonBenet’s autopsy revealed she ate what, which her parents do not recall giving her?
a) Chocolate
b) Pineapple
c) Popcorn
d) Candy cane

Where was JonBenet’s body found?
a) The woods
b) The backyard
c) The wine cellar
d) Her bedroom

What amount did the ransom letter demand?
a) $212,000
b) $200,00
c) $150,000
d) $118,000

There was NO contact from anyone on the plane about bad weather, system failure, or an emergency. And all of the communication devices were turned off. What does this make officials think?
a) Someone from inside the plane made the plane disappear
b) The pilots died of hypoxy
c) There was bad weather.
d) There were terroists

What part of the plane was discovered over a year later on an island?
a) A black box
b) The wing
c) The flaperon
d) The engine

It was later determined that the flight of MH 370 ended where?
a) Australia
b) An isolated island
c) Southern the Indian Ocean
d) Pacific Ocean

The Zodiac often targeted who?
a) Couples parked in isolated location
b) Prostitutes
c) Celebrities
d) Pilots

How did the Zodiac drop clues and riddles to media and to police?
a) Symbols
b) Poems
c) Codes
d) Letters

There was one murder that was unlike the others. Why?
a) He shot a taxi driver
b) He hijacked a plane
c) He used a knife instead of a gun
d) He raped his victims

When did the letters and murders mysteriously stop?
a) 1988
b) 1974
c) 1969
d) 2001

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