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Canadians are concerned about the extraction of natural resources such as gold, iron ore, and timber from land around the Hudson Bay because of the negative impact on the environment. This land area that is rich in these natural resources in called
a) Atlantic Ocean
b) Interior Plains
c) Rocky Mountains
d) Canadian Shield

Canada has close ties with Great Britain in which of the following ways?
a) Both countries are members of greater Canada
b) Tony Blair is the prime minister for both countries
c) Both countries abide by the laws of the United States
d) Queen Elizabeth the British monarch, is the monarch for both countries

Why has there been increased pressure for an independent Quebec from Canada
a) Quebec wants to control the St. Lawrence River Seaway and no longer want to be a part of Canada
b) French speaking people of Quebec feel their French heritage separates them from other Canadians
c) Canada no longer needs the industrial capacity of Quebec
d) Quebec wants to maintain closer ties to Great Britain

In 1982, Canada gained its formal independence from the United Kingdom. However, Queen Elizabeth is still the head of state for both Canada and the United Kingdom. Canada’s type of government is called
a) A dictatorship
b) A provincial government
c) A constitutional monarchy
d) A multicultural nation

What is the name of the Italian explorer who claimed the land of Newfoundland for England and found bountiful supplies of fish?
a) Jacques Cartier
b) Christopher Columbus
c) John Cabot
d) Henry Hudson

Canada’s citizens vote to elect officials to the House of Commons, which is the most powerful part of the legislature branch of government. Another name for Canada’s Legislative Branch is
a) House of Lords
b) Congress
c) Parliament
d) Executive

Which country won control of Canada by winning the French and Indian War in 1763?
a) France
b) United States
c) Spain
d) Great Britain

Like many other countries of the world, Canada is trying to control air and water pollution by improving technology that will help eliminate or reduce pollution such as
a) Ozone depletion
b) Overcrowded cities
c) Acid Rain
d) Underground mining

Canada us a bilingual country. What are Canada’s two official languages?
a) English and Russian
b) French and Spanish
c) English and French
d) Farsi and Kurdish

What was the name that France gave territory it controlled in Canada?
a) New Spain
b) Canada
c) Quebec
d) Newfoundland

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