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Which of the following theories best explains why Native Americas and Asians have a similar DNA sequence?
a) Vikings reached the Americas before Columbus?
b) The First Indians were hunters and gatherers
c) The Black death first emerged in Asia and then spread through Europe.
d) The ancestors of American Indians came from Asia through the land bridge to America

The following four factors, Climate, Political Units, Vegetation, and Language make up what
a) Factors that promote migration
b) Factors that promote Trade
c) Factors that help industrialization
d) Factors that identify a region

An area that has one or two features that set it apart from other areas is called what?
a) A region
b) A city
c) A landform
d) A climate zone

Which of the following physical factors define a region?
a) Political units, climate regions, and river systems
b) Vegetation, climate, land and water forms
c) Trade networks, religions practiced, and language
d) Climate zones, language, and trade networks

Popular views of the Sahara desert make it what type of region?
a) A perceptual region
b) A formal region
c) A functional region
d) A cultural region

Which of the following accurately describes a functional region?
a) North Africa is in the Mediterranean Climate Zone
b) The Amazon basin has a population density of 200 people per square mile
c) Various people define the boundaries of Eastern Europe differently
d) Chicago Metropolitan area and its suburbs

Which of the following pieces of information provide the most accurate update of a specific location?
a) Textbook map from 2000 and an aerial photograph
b) Personal photographs and Journal from a vacation
c) Current news articles and aeria photographs
d) News article from 20 years ago and a textbook page/map

Which of the following is a benefit of the GPS system?
a) Consumers can navigate/use the GPS in the car while traveling
b) The GPS can prevent car collisions/crashes
c) The GPS can store large amounts of data
d) The GPS can desalinate water

Which of the following is an example of a perceptual region?
a) Atacama Desert
b) Mississippi River system
c) Ancient Greece
d) The Old South

Which of these factors best explains why the Amazon basin is a region?
a) There is a wide variety of plants and animals
b) The Amazon River empties into the Atlantic Ocean
c) This area has a similar climate, topography, and vegetation/plant life
d) Trees in the Amazon region produce large amounts of oxygen

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