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Which stage of life ends when a baby begins to walk?
a) infancy
b) adulthood
c) adolescence
d) childhood

What usually happens to blood pressure as the body ages in adulthood?
a) It becomes weak.
b) It decreases.
c) It increases.
d) It loses elasticity.

Which body system works with respiratory system to carry oxygen through the body?
a) endocrine system
b) circulatory system
c) muscular system
d) nervous system

Nutrition is the study of materials that
a) cause drug addiction
b) infect body systems
c) nourish the body
d) cause disease

Which best describes a healthy lifestyle?
a) mainly sedentary
b) eating very little
c) eating too much
d) exercising regularly

What is an emotional and physical dependency called?
a) a resistance
b) a narcotic
c) a nutrient
d) an addiction

Anorexia nervosa is a disorder that involves
a) eating too little food
b) consuming too much alcohol
c) exercising too little
d) not sleeping enough

Some diseases are caused by
a) chlorine
b) deer ticks
c) microorganisms
d) antibiotics

An antibiotic can kill which of the following?
a) all pathogens
b) all molds
c) viruses
d) bacteria

Hemophilia is an inherited disease that is present at birth. It is
a) a pathogen
b) an infectious disease
c) a noninfectious disease
d) a kind of cancer

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