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What are rivers in the Canadian Shield important for?
a) tourist boats
b) swimming
c) irrigation
d) hydroelectric power

In what year did Canada establish its own constitution?
a) 1776
b) 1920
c) 1982
d) 2005

Who is Canada's head of government?
a) Prime Minister
b) Queen
c) Parliament
d) Governor-General

Why type of government does Canada have?
a) constitutional monarchy
b) federation
c) parliamentary democracy
d) all of the above

What two areas does the Canadian government control in its mixed market economy?
a) grocery stores and the postal service
b) health care and the postal service
c) trucking and the postal service
d) grocery stores and malls

What was the first permanent French settlement in the New World?
a) Quebec
b) Ontario
c) British Columbia
d) Newfoundland

Which two European countries fought over Canada?
a) Spain and Portugal
b) France and Italy
c) England and France
d) Spain and England

Who lived mostly in Upper Canada?
a) British Canadians
b) Eskimos
c) Rich Canadians
d) French Canadians

Which province started an independence movement to secede from Canada?
a) Newfoundland
b) Ontario
c) British Colombia
d) Quebec

Who was the first European explorer to discover Canada?
a) Christopher Columbus
b) Samuel de Champlain
c) John Cabot
d) Amerigo Vespucci

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