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Who gave Brian the hatchet?
a) His dad
b) His mom
c) The pilot
d) His friend Terry

How did the pilot die?
a) Brian killed him
b) from the plane crash
c) stroke
d) heart attack

What was the SECRET to which Brian's thoughts often wander?
a) Dad is seeing another woman
b) That Brian wants to run away from home
c) His mom is seeing another man
d) Mom is pregnant

What happened during Brian's car ride with his mom to the airport?
a) Mom tried to get him to tell her what was wrong
b) Brian cried in front of his mom
c) Mom yelled at him
d) He told mom he KNEW the SECRET

What was Brian's father's job?
a) Lumberjack man
b) Oil engineer
c) Lawyer
d) Teacher

What was the purpose of Brian's trip to Canada?
a) He was going to see his father
b) He wanted to learn how to fly a plane
c) He was going to see is mom
d) He wanted to learn how to camp in the woods

How did Brian's dad feel about the divorce?
a) He didn't really care either way
b) He was the one who wanted the divorce
c) His father needed to move on from the relationship
d) He did not want it.

What lef to Brian's rescue?
a) The pilot came out of a coma and knew the location
b) Hikers discovered him, and took him to town in their van
c) Police dogs tracked down his scent
d) He found a transmitter in the plane wreckage

Why does Brian suddenly realize that he may be in the woods for much longer than he had anticipated?
a) No one even knew he was taking a trip
b) He'd heard on tv once that search parties give up after 2 days
c) There were no towns nearby
d) When he had bumped the steering wheel , he had completely changed the course/direction

What prior experience helped Brian fly the plane?
a) The pilot had let him take the controls for a few minutes
b) He used to fly with his uncle
c) He'd read books about planes
d) His father was a pilot

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