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Your skeletal and muscular systems work together to allow your body to
a) interpret a stimulus
b) send chemical messages
c) get nutrients from food
d) stand, walk, and exercise

Choose the statement that best describes how organ systems operate.
a) Each works alone, completely separate from the others.
b) Each works with only one other system.
c) Organ systems interact with one another.
d) Organ systems can replace one another.

The body's ability to maintain internal conditions is called
a) homeostasis
b) peristalsis
c) menstruation
d) immunity

Chemical messengers that are made in one area of the body and transported to other areas
a) antibodies
b) blood cells
c) hormones
d) neurons

Which of the following is true about all living things?
a) They do not need energy.
b) They must be made of more that one cell.
c) They cannot respond to the environment.
d) They have the ability to grow.

What is the function of nutrients in the body?
a) They support and protect organ systems.
b) They attack and destroy foreign invaders.
c) They monitor the outside environment.
d) They provide energy for the body to move and grow.

Nutrients in food are broken down by the
a) muscular system
b) digestisve system
c) respiratory system
d) endocrine system

The reproductive system works to accomplish what goal?
a) the production of offspring
b) the process of digestion
c) the elimination of wastes
d) the destruction of white blood cells

The immune system fights pathogens by using
a) peristalsis
b) antigens
c) ureters
d) antibodies

What invention first made it possible to study cells?
a) the microscope
b) the video camera
c) a vaccine
d) a computer model

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