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a) rebate
b) dividend
c) stock
d) pool

an 1890 law that banned all restraints of trade illegal and was only a paper tiger for the first 12 years
a) Bessemer process
b) capitalism
c) Sherman Anti Trust Act
d) free enterprise

license for a new invention
a) stock
b) patent
c) dividend
d) rebate

process of making large quantities of a product quickly and cheaply
a) Bessemer process
b) assembly line
c) mass production
d) vertical integration

economic system that features private ownership of the means of production
a) capitalism
b) monopoly
c) mass production
d) vertical integration

workplace where people labor long hours in poor conditions for low pay
a) sweatshop
b) assembly line
c) mass production
d) vertical integration

method of production in which workers stay in one place as products edge along past them on a moving belt
a) mass production
b) assembly line
c) sweatshop
d) vertical integration

person who opposes organized government
a) anarchist
b) strikebreaker
c) robber baron
d) reformer

organization of persons working in the same trade
a) free enterprise
b) corporation
c) union
d) monopoly

replacement for a striking worker
a) reformer
b) anarchist
c) strikebreaker
d) muckraker

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