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Which geographic region of North America contains hundreds of lakes carved by  glaciers?
a) Appalachian Mountains
b) Interior Lowlands
c) Canadian Shield
d) Coastal Plain

Which geographical feature lies west of the Great Plains and east of the Basin and  Range?
a) Coastal Range
b) Appalachian Mountains
c) Rocky Mountains
d) Interior Lowlands

“We inhabited the Southwest in present-day New Mexico and Arizona, where we  lived in desert areas and areas bordering cliffs and mountains. Our homes were made  of adobe and we created a form of irrigation to help us grow crops using little rain.”
a) Iroquois
b) Lakota
c) Inuit
d) Pueblo

Which Native American tribe lived along the Pacific Northwest coast (Coastal Range  region) characterized by a rainy, mild climate?
a) Kwakiutl
b) Inuit
c) Pueblo
d) Lakota

Geography and ___________ affected how the various Native American tribes met  their basic needs.
a) Radio
b) Climate
c) Family
d) Maps

Identify how this statement applies to European Exploration of North America. Improved ships and navigational tools
a) Do not select this answer. Seriously. If you select this answer you will get this wrong. So don't  select it. I'm totally c
b) Motivation
c) Accomplishment
d) Obstacle

The interactions between American Indians and Europeans _______________ led to  cooperation.
a) Sometimes
b) Never
c) Do not select this answer
d) Always

One example of cooperation between American Indians and the Europeans that was  highly beneficial to the Natives was__________________.
a) learning and understanding cultural differences
b) being forced into the Christian religion
c) the spreading of European diseases
d) introduction to weapons and metal farm tools

Sailors from which nation explored the coast of Africa
a) Spain
b) England
c) Portugal
d) France

Settler that explored down the Mississippi River
a) Robert La Salle
b) Samuel De Champlain
c) John Cabot
d) Francisco Coronado

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